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10 ways to guard your privacy at home from prying eyes

10 ways to guard your privacy at home from prying eyes10 ways to guard your privacy at home from prying eyes … When it comes to privacy levels in any type of property, it is a good idea to shield it from prying eyes and this can be done by doing a number of things.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 things that people do to improve their privacy at home:


1. Install Roller Blinds

One of the most popular types of blinds to fit are roller blinds and good quality roller blinds in Perth or in any big city anywhere in the world can be purchased online. These can be pulled down to increase privacy levels during the day or night and they boast the following useful features:

  •  They allow homeowners to control everything, from light and air flow to privacy
  •  They come in a variety of styles and colours
  •  They save energy
  •  They protect carpets and furniture from sun bleaching
  •  It is easy to make them work with any interior décor


2. Erect a Fence

Put a fence up around the borders of the land to boost privacy levels.


3. Grow High Hedges

Privacy levels can be improved by growing high hedges around the perimeter of a property and they also add a nice touch of greenery to admire.


4. Grow Thick Bushes

If hedges don’t appeal, then try growing thick bushes and they can give a garden a lush, organic look.


5. Fit Shutters

Shutters can be placed onto the exterior of a property to increase the level of privacy inside and plantation shutters are a great way to add a sense of style to any property, especially those with a Colonial-look. Westral’s roller blinds in Perth are an example of a good quality product to install and companies like this will also specialise in outdoor shutters.


6. Tinted Films

Tinted films can be put onto windows to help homeowners to see outside without prying eyes being able to see inside.


7. Hanging Plants

Plants in hanging baskets can be another effective way to obscure people’s vision inside a home, while also giving those inside something pretty to admire.


8. Plant Trees

If bushes or a hedge don’t sound like a good addition, then plant some trees in the garden to block the view in.


9. Add Exterior Lighting

Using lights outside a property stops people from being able to see inside so well and it also acts as a deterrent for potential burglars.


10. Build a Wall

A wall can be as low or as high as it needs to be to prevent people from being able to see into a property and stones walls are a great way to add character to a home.

It is important to feel safe and secure when at home and there are different ways to achieve this from adding a burglar alarm through to installing CCTV cameras but there are simpler things that can be done as well that help to protect people’s privacy, such as fitting blinds and shutters.

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