16 Alternative Uses for your Old Laminate this Christmas

Wooden Flooring16 ALTERNATIVE USES FOR YOUR OLD LAMINATE THIS CHRISTMAS – If you’re anything like me, you’re hesitant to throw anything at all away if it could serve a purpose. Those old toilet roll tubes? Perfect toys for your animals. That old carpet? Why, it’s perfectly good loft insulation! So, I assume you’re probably looking at all that old laminate and wondering what you could accomplish with it, if you just put a little bit of time into it. Well, fear not, oh thrifty one, because we’ve got 16 Christmas themed ideas that’ll save your old laminate from the scrap heap.

If you have some old laminate flooring lying around gathering dust and getting in the way, find below 16 rather creative uses for it. Enjoy!

  1. Create Christmas tree decorations
  2. Make “Santa stop here” signs
  3. Cut table place mats and coasters in festive shapes
  4. Use as kindle in the fire to keep you warm
  5. Create stencils for festive cards
  6. Build boxes to store firewood or coal
  7. Make custom picture frames as gifts
  8. Make gift tags to distinguish the presents under the tree
  9. Make an authentic looking landing strip for Santa and his sleigh this year
  10. Build a set of ski’s (safety not guaranteed)
  11. Build a snow sleigh
  12. Make a laminate version of the nativity scene, guaranteed to be easier to clean than other, competing nativity scenes.
  13. Make a dolls house
  14. Use it to extend your dining table to accommodate more guests
  15. Make a magazine holder
  16. Create various Christmas card holders to give away, or keep for yourself if you receive lots of Christmas cards and need to hold them.

So there we have it, sixteen things you can create with just a pile of disused laminate flooring and rather a lot of time on your hands before the Christmas rush drags people away to frankly – much less important things. If these ideas don’t resonate with you, experiment and find out just how creative you can get.

If you are a kid, please be careful with any of the creative ideas above. You should always be accompanied by a responsible adult when cutting laminate.

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