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5 reasons why you should hire a pro to lay your tiles

5 reasons why you should hire a pro to lay your tilesWhen it comes to doing some jobs around a home such as hanging picture frames and repairing leaking taps with new washers, there are a few things that any keen DIY enthusiast can handle without any help from a professional.

However, there are also some jobs that should never be tackled by anyone other than an expert such as rewiring or replacing a boiler and this includes laying tiles. Many people believe that they can lay their own tiles and while some can do a fairly decent job; they will simply never achieve the same effect that a skilled tile layer can.

Not only will a professional be able to lay tiles immaculately but they will also be able to do it far quicker than a regular DIY fan can and achieving a smooth finish is so important when laying tiles – it is never worth trying to do it without professional help.

Good quality bluestone pavers in Perth or indeed any other major city in the world should be laid by an experienced company and this style of paver looks particularly elegant when laid around a swimming pool.

Here are the top five reasons why only a pro should lay tiles:


1. They are Experienced

A pro will know how to get that perfect finish, which is vital when laying anything from bluestone pool pavers to travertine wall tiles. They need to be sleek and smooth and this is hard to achieve without the experience that a professional has.


2. They are Fast

An expert tile layer will also be faster than the average Joe and this means that the job will be finished far quicker.


3. They Have the Best Materials

They will also have access to the best quality materials, which is essential when laying tiles as there are so many stones to choose from, including:

  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Marble


4. They Have the Tools

As well as the experience, the speed and the materials needed to do a good job, a pro will also have the tools that are needed to lay beautiful natural stone paving or bathroom wall tiles.


5. They Have the Knowledge

Not only can they work quicker, with the best materials and have the tools they need to hand but they also have the knowledge needed when it comes to making a decision about which tiles should be laid where and how.

Stone pavers from Perth’s Mataka are an example of the type of pavers that should be used to create a modern outdoor space and it is vital to use a company that has experience in the sector to ensure that they have a solid reputation with other customers.

Take a look through their portfolio of previous work and also ask for some expert advice about what stones should be used for different purposes before deciding which stones will best suit a certain project and budget.

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