5 Reasons Why Granite is the Best Material for Kitchen Counters

5 REASONS WHY GRANITE IS THE BEST MATERIAL FOR KITCHEN COUNTERS – Upgrading a kitchen is something that many people are looking to do these days in a bid to add value to their home.  Rather than spending decent money on their kitchens, people are often looking for a quick fix, a cheap way round of improving their kitchens, simply by adding a lick of paint, or by buying a new microwave.

Fact is, if your kitchen is in a state, unless it receives a dramatic overhaul, chances are, the amount of value added to your property will be minimal if anything. Sometimes in life you do have to spend a bit of money to make money, and in the kitchen, this is exactly the case.

Purchasing quality worktops is a sure-fire way to improve any kitchen, and inevitably add value to a property, if the rest of the kitchen is also done of course. With this in mind, here are 5 reasons why granite is the best material to choose if you are looking to change your kitchen, and your kitchen counters.

Granite Counter Tops

 1. Durability: Granite worktops are seriously hard. They’re virtually unbreakable, meaning that if you are pummelling a chicken breast into submission with a mallet, you can be safe in the knowledge that your worktops will remain crack free. Additionally, with granite worktops, you can be sure that you won’t have to replace them for years due to their durability, offering real value for money.

 2. Maintenance: Not only is granite incredibly durable, but it is also incredibly low maintenance, meaning that little care and attention is needed to preserve them. Granite is also largely resistant to chemicals, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any spillages which may take place!

 3. Look: It’s a well known fact, granite worktops look fantastic. They high quality, natural look they provide simply cannot be replicated by any other type of material. Not only that, but there are so many different styles of granite to go for, companies such as Leominster Building Supplies often stock thousands of different designs, and so you can almost be certain that you won’t see your granite worktop anywhere else!

 4. Heat Resistant: No longer will you have to avoid putting hot pans on surfaces! Hooray! This is because granite is very heat resistant, meaning that if you do accidentally place a hot pan on your worktop, it will not damage it at all, and will still look exactly the way it did before you misplaced your pan.

 5. Water Resistant: As well as being heat resistant, granite is also water resistant. This means that if you do happen to spill some liquid on your granite worktop, there is no danger that it will seep through the surface, causing damage.


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  • Simon

    We are actually redesigning our homes and we are considering these black granite tiles from DTW ceramics http://www.tiles-ceramic.co.uk/?cPath=6_157 . I wanted to know, whether they remain reflective and retain their shine even when they are a tiny bit dirty or they have to be immaculate all the time for that?