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5 Signs Your Home May Be Infested with Termites

Termites are quiet invaders who can destroy the wood throughout your home. But the most troubling problem with their infestation is that they may be eating away your dwelling without you even knowing about it until it’s too late. The following are signs that termites are taking residence in your home.


Reproductive Swarms

5 Signs Your Home May Be Infested with TermitesWhen you purchase a home, your focus may be on the landscape and indoor care of your dwelling. But did you know that the National Pest Management Association figures that termites are the cause for billions and billions worth of home damage each year. Although you may not notice the actual swarms of termites taking up residence, the insects may emerge on a warm early summer day from the ground. What they hope to do is pair with a partner, reproduce and make their own colony inside your home. A proven sign is to look for piles of wings in the basement of your dwelling.


Evidence of Activity

If you notice any telltale signs of termites such as the carcass of the insect or wings, gather them up and place in a jar. Aaction Pest control can identify the insects and devise a plan that will provide you with protection and peace of mind throughout your years of homeownership.


Discovery During Construction Projects

Termites are typically discovered when you’re rehabbing your home. You may even be in the midst of construction when you first witness their destruction. Because they live and feed in your walls, the damage may be extensive. But when a pest management company controls the problem you’ll be able to stabilize your structure and eliminate the chances of termites from ever returning.


Hollowed Wood

You should make routine inspections on your home, especially at the end of each season. This allows you to assess if you need to perform maintenance on certain areas of your home. The inspection should also include the perimeter of your dwelling. Tap on the wood of your dwelling to see if it sounds hollow. Because the critters consume wood from the inside first, the sound can alert you to possible termite infestations. If termites are to blame, a pest management company can perform an analysis for the best complete treatment. The wood will also have to be replaced after treatment.


Cracking or Bubbling

When you’re inspecting your home, you also want to investigate your drywall and areas along the baseboard. Signs that you may have termites include flaking paint, bubbling or honeycombing along your baseboard. The damage done may also resemble what you would find if your home had gotten damaged by water.


Accumulating Frass

Frass is a term for termite droppings. Because the insects produce a large about of the frass, they can be easily spotted. Look for the termite droppings throughout the areas of your home, as they resemble colored wood pellets. At first glance you may even think they’re small bird seeds.


Mud Tunnels

Another sign that you may have termites is if you notice tubes or mud tunnels similar to that of a pencil along exterior or interior walls of your home. The insects use the protective environment of the tunnels to go from nest to their sources of food such as wood. Although you may be unsettled by the diagnosis that you have termites, there are treatment methods that can rid them of your wooden structures forever.

Termites are silent terrors that typically hide inside walls of a dwelling. Although they can be difficult to find, the above signs can alert you to their presence. If you’ve determined that you may have a problem with the insects, contacting a pest management company can put them on the right plan to extinction from your dwelling.

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