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5 Things You Might Not Know Could Destroy Your House

Is your house under attack from natural and man-made threats? Here are five things you might not know could compromise the structure of your house advised by All Weather Coating.

5 Things You Might Not Know Could Destroy Your House


They may not seem that threatening. You see a damp patch from a pipe or wall, call a plumber and get it fixed. But what if you have a hidden leak that is slowly saturating the structure while you are unaware of it?

Mould and rot can both develop before you know there’s a problem. And because water travels, it can take some time to unearth the source of the leak. The solution is to carry out regular checks on your plumbing – the next time you have some routine maintenance, ask the plumber where most hidden leaks occur and follow any suggestions for checking.


Pests and Termites

Termites, luckily, are not a huge problem in this country, unlike in the US where they regularly destroy houses. They’ll eat anything – flooring, wood and even wallpaper.

But there are numerous other pests, such as mice, rats and insects, that can cause havoc. Fires are sometimes caused by mice chewing through electrical cables and causing short circuits. If, at the same time, they are rolling up nice bundles of flammable material and fluff for nests, you have a double hazard.

Check your roof space and cupboards regularly. Wasps can also take up residence, and their nest may need professional removal.



Dampness has numerous causes and comes in many different varieties, from rising or penetrating damp to condensation mould. The latter can cause serious structural problems or even mite infestation and is often the result of poor ventilation.

If your house has water running down the windows, you need to improve ventilation – the remedy can be as simple as opening a window regularly, which can greatly reduce the humidity of the air in the house.


Blockages in Old Pipes

We take the sewage and wastewater pipes that service our houses for granted until something goes wrong and we get a nasty problem to deal with that can mean the house becomes uninhabitable for a period.

Toilets, baths and sinks all empty into the same waste pipe, and if this gets blocked, sewage can back up into your house until it finds an outlet. Add into the mix the fact that these pipes are replaced less often than others in the house, and you can understand the problem.

The warning signs are difficulty in flushing toilets, a slowly emptying bath or sink that doesn’t improve despite the use of a sink-clearing product, or a bad smell coming from your drains.


Exterior Wall Rendering to Keep Your House Secure
Having holes and gaps in your walls can mean you are susceptible to damage. Many of the problems listed above can be avoided by getting exterior wall rendering. It gets rid of the problem of having bits of loose mortar between bricks which allow insects and penetrating damp to make their way into your house.

If you are considering this as a precaution against damage to the structure, consult a professional firm as to the suitability of this treatment for your house.

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