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7 Creative and Ingenious Nursery Design Ideas to do

7 Creative and Ingenious Nursery Design Ideas to do … Decorating your new born nursery can be one of the most exciting projects you could ever do in your home but with all the amazing ideas online, it can be overwhelming as well. You can choose to keep things very simple or you can decode to try being an elaborate designer for your bundle of joy.

However, you are looking to compare new ideas in order to come up with the most unique and the most beautiful functional baby nursery of all time. Below are some of the ideas you can consider.


  1.    Cloud ceiling

Cloud ceiling are some of the most amzing fun décor ideas and they work very well in most baby nurseries, be it for boys or for girls. Clouds will look even better if you decide to go with themes that involve airplanes, bugs, angels, flowers and gardens. If you have a cloud ceiling, the nursery will have a tranquil feeling.


  1.    Name Display

Spelling your baby name in hanging letter will really be great and is a very popular idea for a baby nursery decoration. There are numerous types of letters available online that you can actually use to decorate. You can use ceramic tile, wooden canvas as well as fabric letters are some of the most popular but if you are a DIY person, you can go ahead and be creative. You can also buy stencils if you like and write the baby name on the wall as well.


  1.    Decorate With Doodles

Drawing, coloring, sketching and obviously, doodling are activities of great importance in childhood and as soon as the child grasps his first coloring pencil to swing it around you ought to be there, encouraging him to nurture his creativity through this mean of expression.

These are activities that have an immense impact on the child as they can greatly improve physical, emotional and cognitive development, make sure they`re not overlooked.


  1.    Make a mural

Wall murals are quite popular for baby nurseries and you can be very creative with them. If you would like, you can create for one or even more of the walls and there are different ways you could go about it.

You could find an artist and hire them to paint the murals or, you can purchase a mural kit and go creative on your own. There are different types of kits available so you can go with the one you love most. Some of them come in paint numbers and are very easy to create while others come in pre-pasted wallpaper and all you have to do is apply them on the wall.


  1.    Jungle

A jungle themed nursery can be extremely fun to create because the possibilities are endless.  You can think of a rain-forest, bright colors, exotic animals like monkeys, tigers as well as toucans. Regardless of whether you purchase the pictures for the walls or if you decide that you’d like to paint them instead, it will be very pretty.


  1.    Stars

Star themed nurseries can also be very versatile and you can choose to go with the modern 3d tin stars, white stars or yellow stars, you will easily find star shaping lighting, great start wall decorations as well as star-studded beddings.


  1.    Patriotic

You can choose to go with the American red, blue or white a patriotic theme will always look great. You can choose to go with your native flag colors and create a patriotic theme for your baby and allow them to grow with a sense of heritage as well as patriotism.

What do you think about these ideas? We would love to hear your nursery experience in the comment section below !

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