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8 Ways to Child Proof your Home

8 Ways to Child Proof your Home8 Ways to Child Proof your Home … The home is a comfortable place for most adults, but for the younger ones, it can be the cause of many frustrations. What to do, what not to do, and when one can or cannot do certain things, definitely points to a safe and secure society.

If children aren’t involved, it makes thing so much easier, but when they are in the picture, one must take the necessary  precautions.

So, if one is new to the lifestyle of having youngsters around the house, here are a few essential tips to help one take the right steps to prevent electrical accidents. Here are 8 ways to make sure the home environment is safe and secure for all.

1. Bathrooms – There are so many potential risks in the bathroom, one needs to be sure of the fixtures and fittings, and with instant hot water being what it is, make sure the bathing water is no hotter than 20F.  If a person in WA, wants to find good electricians in Fremantle, there are superb online solutions that one can rely on.


2. The Nursery – This is a room for pleasure and exploration, and as the young child learns more about its immediate environment, he or she requires the right setting. Soft toys might help the baby to sleep, but in reality they are possible suffocation items that are best removed after the child has gone to sleep.


3. The kitchen – This room has dangers for the young, and they include pet food, which is often left out thinking that only the animal will eat it, when in actual fact, most children will try anything once.


4. The Living Room –This room is particularly dangerous to the young people, due to the many cables that service our devices. Flat screen TVs and sound systems must be free of areas that little fingers can enter into, as this would only wreck the ambiance.


5. Think Child-Like – This might seem like a strange idea, but in reality, if a person sees themselves in a child’s position, they are much more likely to prevent an accident or untoward incident. Children do not know where the line is, in terms of appropriate behaviour, so they listen and learn from their elders.


6. Sharp Edges – These must be removed as soon as the baby arrives, and although one might love that stylish coffee table, if it is in the wrong area, there might be an accident.


7. Stairs – While this system for allowing people to climb levels, it is dangerous for kids, especially those who have no real spatial awareness, so make sure to be at hand whenever stairs are to be negotiated.


8. Toilets involve water and a toddler will be curious, if only from the sound it makes, so make sure that there is no way the child is left unattended in any area with a flow of water.

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