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AC Preventative Maintenance Tips

AC PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE TIPS – It’s summertime and it’s hot.  Thank god for the advent and wonderful creation of the residential air conditioner.  Without it, our homes would be the same temperature as the outdoor heat.  With southwest temperatures dwelling between 100 to115 degrees on some occasions, it would be impossible to live here.  But when you sit back and actually consider what your AC unit is providing you with, and how hard is the task it performs?

The reality is the powerful and skillfully engineered unit still undertakes some of the harshest conditions while performing an almost impossible job in some heat.  Your air conditioner is probably used and relied upon as much as your vehicle.  Like an automobile, air conditioners require maintenance every so often to make sure that all the moving parts are tight, lubricated, and working at the proper ratios and measurements to ensure that the unit will live to cool you down another repair

As with any other type of house appliance, if something is not working correctly, chances are that down the road the whole thing will stop working.  There are lots of parts and pieces of an air conditioner spanning throughout the house and attic.

AC preventative maintenance is when a licensed professional comes out to your home and tests all the parts of the AC unit to make sure it is working properly.  Usually they will start outdoors on your condenser unit, or the big box that sits outside, and will lubricate and inspect the fan and motor.

The condenser is also where the most important part, (and most expensive) of the AC unit rests.  They will check the pressure levels and gauges of the compressor to make sure that it is not too low or too high in pressure.  After that, they will go into the attic and check on the evaporator system and perform similar tests, lubrications, and tightenings to necessary parts ensuring that your unit is technically stable.

There are some things that you as the homeowner can do as well to make sure that you get the most out of your AC unit.  The most important thing for the homeowner to do is to change the air filter every 30 days.

By continually having a clean air filter, the system does not have to stress as hard when pulling in air for cooling due to blockage from dirt buildup.  Also, make sure that the inside and outside units have room to breathe.  Try to keep debris out of the way of the units and use your hose to spray the coils down every so often to help keep the unit clean and dirt free.

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