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Add Character to Your Room with Wall Murals

Wall murals are one of the best and easiest ways to add real character to any room in your home or office.

Wallpapering a room or painting the walls can sometimes appear limited if you’re looking to create an impact but with the vast choice of wall murals available your artistic nature can run wild and if you get tired of the wall mural you’ve chosen it’s simply a matter of peeling it off and replacing it with another.

Here’s a video that will show you just how easy it is to hang a wall mural; just remember the key to a fantastic finish is to take your time and as the video suggests it’s a good idea if you have someone to help you.

So what types of wall mural designs are available?  The answer is that if you can think of it the chances are there are wall murals to fit your design criteria.

Take a look at the fantastic examples below and let your imagination run wild.  Remember decorating any room, whether you’re hanging wallpaper, applying paint or fitting wall murals, is all about you and what you want; there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior design as whatever you decide should fit in with what you like and something ultimately that suits your style and personality.

Wall Murals - Image 11

Image Above: A stunning example of a wall mural that fits in with the earthen interior design and adds a neutral and calming effect to the rooms interior design.

Wall Murals - Image 10

Image Above: If you’re looking for something a little bit more dramatic with a touch of mythology this wall mural is just perfect. Note how well this design fits in despite it being in direct contrast to the rooms modern interior.

Wall Murals - Image 9

Image Above: This particular wall mural has been installed in an office space but considering its natural element there is no reason why this couldn’t be fitted on a wall in your home; personally I think it would look incredible in a kitchen.

Wall Murals - Image 8

Image Above: This wall mural not only fits in perfectly with the interior design but due to its 3D effect makes the room look enormous. These types of wall murals are just perfect if you have a small room as they create the illusion of light and space.

Wall Murals - Image 7

Image Above: This striking design cuts at the heart of the urban look and graffiti in many cases is now seen as modern art. Before you dismiss this you should consider that art, in any form, is an expression of an individual and therefore graffiti is an art form.  Notice how well it fits in with a clean modern interior which ultimately breaks up the stark white and adds a clear focal point to the room.

Wall Murals - Image 6

Image Above: Look closely at this bedrooms interior design; it’s rustic and natural and the wall mural installed just fits perfectly with the design.  Does it make the room look cold and uninviting? This will depend on your perspective but others might say that it’s calming and screams of adventure.

Wall Murals - Image 5

Image Above: Perfect for the explorer or those looking for adventure as this wall mural provides a nice back-drop to the rooms outdoor feel. I think this would also be a great design idea for a children’s bedroom as it sparks the imagination and adds an educational element.

Wall Murals - Image 4

Image Above: Buddha images are widely used in interior design not because of the religious or spiritual connotations that they exude but because of their calming effect.  Buddha artifacts from statutes to wall murals are extremely popular and will fit in with almost any interior design.

Wall Murals - Image 3

Image Above: Add a little drama and space to your rooms design with a moonlight wall mural scene. Another fine example of the vast range of wall murals available and one that would fit well with a contemporary or minimal interior design.

Wall Murals - Image 2

Image Above: For all you city dwellers who simply cannot get enough of a cityscape this wall mural adds a touch of the exciting nightlife that every city around the world holds for those looking for a fast pace life.  Of course you may not want to live in the city but love the concept of the view and these types of wall murals are perfect for creating that effect.

Wall Murals - Image 12

Above: Fancy living in the forest without having to put up with all the creepy crawlies, bugs and critters?  Well bring the forest into your home with a wall mural. Now this example has a room interior that is full of earthen colours but there is no reason why this wall mural wouldn’t fit in in a modern contemporary setting.

My advice, if you’re going to install wall murals in your home, is to carefully consider the rooms interior design and pick a wall mural that blends with it. What you’re looking for is continuity within the design so that elements you include blend together and to lift a rooms design there are few better ways than installing wall murals.

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