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Advertising on

As a specialist Home & Garden Magazine, provides great access to readers who are interested in Home Improvements, Do It Your Self Projects, Gardening, Interior and Exterior Design and much more.  When it comes to advertising on we provide you with a number of ways to get our readers attention.

If you require additional information please contact us.


1. Guide / Article Submission

You can promote your website by submitting articles to publish on You can include Keyword Rich Text Links. For full details please see our Submit Articles section.


2. Home and Garden Product Ads

If you are looking to promote a home and garden product or service then this is a great solution.  Because we are a dedicated Home and Garden Magazine the folks that visit are looking for ideas for their homes and gardens so there is no better way to promote your home and garden products and services.

Creating an ad is simple, simply register for an account and log in.  Creating a product or service advertisement is the same as creating a post.  You can use as many images as you like or how about a video or indeed both.

Information sells products and services so you are free to provide as much information as you like in order to get our readers attention and make those sales.

You have complete control over how long your advertisement runs; our single no nonsense fee per advertisement allows you to determine when and for how long you want to promote a particular product or service.  When you wish to remove your advertisement it’s simply a matter of logging into your account and deleting it.

We charge a standard fee of £25.00 per advertisement.  Once you submit your advertisement for approval we carefully examine it.  This is to ensure that what you want to advertise meets our relevancy requirements and ensures the products and services we display to our readers is only home and garden related.

Once we approve your advertisement we will send you a PayPal Invoice and once paid your advertisement will go live. We will email you with a link so you can see your live advertisement.

Important: Once an advertisement goes live you are not able to edit it.  You may of course delete your advertisement at any time you choose simply by contacting us and requesting a removal.

Getting your Advertisement up and running - Register and Log-In


3. Directory Advertisement

Get your Home and Garden related business listed in our Retailer Directory.  Include: Company Name (URL Linked) and up to 50 words to describe what you offer our readers.

Rate Card:

£15.00 per calendar year


4. Sidebar IMAGE or VIDEO Advertisement

We offer you the ability to place an image advertisement within our sidebar.  Your ad image ad features on ALL our article pages.

Image / Video Sizes: 300 x 250

Image Format: Flash | Jpeg | Gif | Png

Rate Card:

£75.00 per calendar month


5. Sidebar TEXT Advertisement

We offer you the ability to place a text advertisement within our sidebar.  Your ad text ad features on ALL our article pages.

Text: 20 Words plus URL

Rate Card:

£75.00 per calendar month


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