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As a specialist Home & Garden Magazine, provides great access to member readers who are interested in Home Improvements, Do It Your Self projects, Gardening, Interior and Exterior Design and much more.  When it comes to advertising on we provide you with a number of ways to get our readers attention. If you require additional information please contact us.

1. Blog Post

You can promote your website by submitting blog posts to publish on You may include one Keyword Rich Text Link. We levy a publishing fee of £25.00 but this only applies if we agree to publish your blog post. Simply email us admin [at] with a Word.Doc attachment of your blog post and we’ll take care of the rest.


  • Publishing Fee : £25.00 – Only payable once we have approved your blog post.
  • Payment is submitted via PayPal Invoice.

If you would like an article to include a link but do not want to write the article yourself then we offer two options:

1. Link inclusion into an existing article – £45.00.

2. In-house production of an article on a subject of your choice to include your link – £85.00.

2. Banner Ad

We currently offer two banner advertising options:

1. 728×90 header banner which appears site wide.  We operate this on 30 day period and levy a fee of £75.00.

2. 728×90 Home Page Feature. We operate this on 30 day period and levy a fee of £25.00.

Please contact at admin [at] to arrange the details.

3. Text Ad

We offer a number of ways in which to include ‘Text Ads’ on including:

1. Article Sidebar – You may supply text of up to 20 words plus the URL link.  This text block appears on all articles published on including daily content that is added.  We operate this on a 30 day period for a fee of £25.00.

2. In Article Link – Simply choose the article that you wish your text link to appear in and providing the article doesn’t already include a commercial link we can insert your link for a period of 12 months for £45.00.

4. Product Promotion

Under our ‘Bargains’ page we are able to accept product promotions.  Get your product listing for 30 days for just £10.00 per listing.

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