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Beautiful Copper Coloured Bathrooms

If you want to create a bathroom with a truly stunning look then consider copper coloured bathrooms.

Copper is of course a natural material and with modern tiling processing technology the range of copper tiles you can now buy is just enormous with each providing a unique look and feel to any bathroom.

But why copper?  Again copper is a natural material and therefore provides for a warm and inviting look. It’s also complex in appearance so lends itself well to almost any type of bathroom design from a country rustic feel to an ultra modern contemporary bathroom interior.

Cooper Coloured Bathroom - Image 1

Image Above: Simply a perfect example of a stunning contemporary bathroom where copper mosaic tiles have been used to produce a truly sublime appearance. The tiling allows for the bathroom suit and it’s accessories to really stand out while the grey floor insert adds to the contemporary minimal design.

Essentially it is the copper mosaic tiles that brings this bathroom to life and adds an abundance of warm and class. If you are interested in these specific tiles they can be found at Walls and Floors, one of the UK’s leading tile specialists – click here to view the tiles.

Cooper Coloured Bathroom - Image 2

Image Above: If you want to keep with the ‘copper’ look but what a more variation in the colour range then the above example might be just what you’re looking for. Consider what I said above about rustic bathrooms … you can now see in this setup how well copper fits in with a rustic design due to its natural hues.

These tiles can also be found at Walls and Floors if you are interested – click there to view the tiles.

Cooper Coloured Bathroom - Image 3

Image Above: If mosaic tiles are not your thing then consider larger tiles. The example above is a truly wonderful look with copper and deep brown tones that will add warmth to any bathroom. Just remember the golden rule of using dark colours in small spaces … they will make the room look even smaller but this can be combated by incorporating white bathroom fixtures and a light neutral floor colour as in the first example.

Cooper Coloured Bathroom - Image 4

Image Above: In this final example you get the full monty in terms of using copper on the walls, floors and even the ceiling. While this bathroom looks stunning it’s also very big and therefore can can absorb the colours but in a small bathroom such a design could make the room look oppressive.

Using copper within any bathroom design is a fabulous idea. It is such a warm and inviting colour and the hues are just magnificent. However, carefully consider the size of your bathroom so that you don’t end up with a room that is too dark and remember in order to add the illusion of space try to use while fixtures and neutral colour flooring which in essence will only add to the beauty of the copper.

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