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BLUE INTERIORS – When it comes to using Blue as a color for interior decorating I have to say it is one of my favorite colors.  The only problem with blue is, as many people will point out, it can be a very cold color to work with, but I like to think of it as more cool than cold and when applied properly blue makes a superb color to use for your interior decorating.

I am using the term ‘blue’ here a little vaguely as there are, with modern paint technology, an almost unlimited number of shades and variations to the color blue.  Take a trip to any Home Improvement store and you will see what I means when you visit the paint section; and this goes even further when most stores have a machine that can mix paint to any shade you desire.

With all the paint technology advancements we really do live in an age where our creative side can run wild and as interior design is continuously evolving so is our demand to greater choice in colors and interior design.

Blue can be anything you like, from a dark Navy Blue, to a subtle pastel shade of Bluebell White and there is nothing to stop you from painting walls different colors, using different shades of blue.

Rag painted blue wall with contrasting white floor.

Rag painted blue wall with contrasting white floor.

In the first photograph above the designer has used a fairly bright blue but has carefully broken up the blanket of color with a few well thought out elements.  Firstly, the walls have been rag painted which helps to break up the color.  It’s a good idea, if you like the rag painting effect, to use a base coat of white as this is an excellent way of breaking up a dark color and adding a unique style to the paint work.

Secondly the designer has used a dark blue sofa which beautifully contrasts with the white flooring and furniture.  Finally the white ties in the interior design balancing and contrasting the blue at the same time so as not to make the room appear small with such a dominant color.

Creating scenes using multiple shades of blue.

Creating scenes using multiple shades of blue.

I personally like the interior design above because of the designers boldness in creating a wildlife scene using mostly blues.  Whether this is stenciling or free hand I am not at liberty to say but it certainly is a unique theme. On the other side of the coin I think the shelving was a huge mistake.  I honestly think if you took the shelving away it would have a much softer appeal – for me the shelving in its dark shade of blue that is manufactured from plastic makes the entire interior design look cheap, but that’s the only (personal) criticism I have.

On a more positive note, I love the scene and what is particularly nice is the fact that the sofa almost has a mirror image of the tree on the wall imprinted on it.  This design is certainly unique and has been well thought out.

Blue Interior Bedroom creating a balance of style and elegance.

Blue Interior Bedroom creating a balance of style and elegance.

The blue interior bedroom design above is simply a perfect balance of light, shade, style and elegance.  For me a bedroom is a room that should be relaxing and the interior designers here have made a first class job of bringing all the design elements together to create a ‘Cool’ not cold interior that is sublime.

One element I really like is the fact that the designers have broken up the color by painting stripes on the walls.  I think many people often overlook the idea of painting stripes for fear of not getting the balance right and to be perfectly honest it does require careful planning but as you can see from the photograph above when it is done correctly the effects are stunning.

I really like the use of the soft furnishings and while the rug is beautiful I think I would have included a smaller rug so that the stunning wooden flooring is better exposed to the eye and heavily contrasted against the blue and white stripes.  Regardless to this small personal element, the interior design of this bedroom is stunning.

Using Dark Blue to create a strong presence.

Using Dark Blue to create a strong presence.

If you do decide to use a very dark blue on your walls then a word of caution – dark colors will make a room look a lot smaller and in the worst case scenario can make a room look oppressive.  If you do decide on a very dark shade of blue, or any other color for that matter, then it is wise if you break it up with a lighter color

Let’s take the interior design above.  This design uses a very dark and strong blue which gives the room presence and this is reinforced with the use of dark timber flooring.  Note how the designers have broken the blue up with the use of white so that the blue is almost ‘Picture Framed’ which helps dissipate the strength of the blue.

Regarding the interior design above, I cannot honestly say that the overall finish is very appealing, mainly because it is far to cluttered for my taste.  For me  I prefer the ‘minimalist’ approach to interior design and the design here simply has too much going on and I honestly feel the rug is overkill in the design, although from a technical design point of view it does make a statement in the room.  You may of course disagree and I certainly appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some people do like busy interiors.

Regardless of my personal feelings towards the design it does provide a perfect example of how well the design has considered the use of a dark color and how best to break it up so that it does not make the room look too small or too oppressive.

Example of multiple shades of blue in this interior design.

Example of multiple shades of blue in this interior design.

In the previous image I discussed the overuse or overkill of using dark colors that can make a room look small and even oppressive and the photograph above is the perfect example of going overboard with blue, or indeed any dark color.

Note from the photograph the rays of light pouring into the room that softens the blow of all the dark colors.  I cannot be certain if this is an actual design in someones living room or it is a studio set, but either way, if that lighting was not present this room would really look and feel over powering and even depressing, in my view.

I chose to showcase this image for a number of reasons. Firstly the designers not only used a dark blue for the walls, they decided to use the same shade on the door so that the door becomes one with the room and not an individual feature, as present in most homes.  Also notice how the designer has tried to soften the overall effect with the use of the light shades, small table and the rug.

These elements are purposefully designed to break up the imposing blues and add that element of contrast to the room.  I quite like the idea of the dark turquoise wood flooring and I would certainly consider using this part of the design in a room, however, I would only use it if the walls were either a very subtle pastel shade of blue or white – I would even mix it up a little by painting the walls different colors, for example, three walls with a subtle pastel shade of blue and one brilliant white, which would allow natural light to be reflected around the room.

Stunning Blue Kitchen Design.

Stunning Blue Kitchen Design.

I’ve pretty much covered living rooms and bedrooms in blue, but what about the kitchen?  Seriously folks, would you ever have considered a Blue Kitchen?  If you have never thought about a blue kitchen, and many people would not, I am sure the photograph above will change your perception.  I know that blue is not everyone’s cup of tea, but honestly folks, can you really say that the above kitchen is not appealing?

For me I simply adore this kitchen.  The use of the metallic blue for the unit fascias that wonderfully reflect light and images around the room is just wonderful.  Just look at that natural stone flooring and how beautifully it contrasts with the blue.  It is a little worrying that the use of so much blue, as I have pointed out above, can be overbearing, however, because the designer has used a metallic blue this block color is broken up with the reflections it creates, the white painted ceilings with the clever incorporation of the skylight and the use of the stunning flooring.  Yes, I certainly do love this kitchen and I would not hesitate in having the same design in my home.

So there you have my interpretation of Blue Interiors.  I really hope that you have found this useful and that it provides you with some interior design inspiration.  Please leave any comments or advice below.

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  • meebal

    I’d go for that kitchen anytime, it’s amazing and the colors is just fabulous. Only thing I would change is the chairs – it just makes the kitchen look a little clinical.