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The importance of hiring a certified asbestos removal company

The importance of hiring a certified asbestos removal company … Asbestos has been around for a long time, and from the 1950s until the 1980s, asbestos was the main material of choice during that time period, because of its decay-resistant and fire-resistant properties, durability, cost-effectiveness and ease of use. It was flexible and used on everything from roofs, sidings, shingles and floor tiles to piping and ceilings of houses. It wasn’t until the early 70s that the dangers from asbestos were being realised and in the 80’s it was banned. Left alone, asbestos does not pose a threat, it is only when the fibres become airborne, be it from a remodel, fire, natural disaster or some other event, that the fibres can become brittle, flake off and inhaled into the lungs. It’s even possib...

Inspecting Your Roof for Damage After a Hot Summer

When thinking about roof damage, the usual thing that comes to mind is how well your roof is holding up after a bout of heavy winds, rain storms, or snow and ice. But while winter is hard on roofs, summer can bring its fair share of problems as well, especially in climates where both summer and winter tend towards the extreme. Here are some things to think about when you inspect your roof for damage, which is something you should do every spring and fall. The last thing you need is to go into extreme cold weather with a leaking roof.   Sun Damage We are all familiar with the concept of sun damaged skin, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your roof. This kind of weathering is going to happen no matter what, but it’s important to understand what happens and why. The UV rays th...

Transforming The Home

Deciding to do a full house renovation is an exciting challenge. Careful planning is needed to make sure that each area of the home receives the attention that it deserves. By budgeting properly and using reputable building contractors, a lot of the stress that naturally comes with such a big undertaking can be removed. This guide should give homeowners plenty of ideas about how to give each area of a house an effective makeover. The Roof The roof is often the most neglected part of the house during a renovation, as homeowners can tend to focus more on decoration. Have the roof inspected to see if any tiles need replacing or repairing. Loose tiles can be a hazard if they happen to fall down and could injure someone. Check the guttering to see that is not cracked or leaking. Loft insulation...

Choosing The Right Contractors For Your Driveway

Most people think that getting a new or replacement driveway would be a relatively simple task, but there are a number of points to consider in both the job itself, and most importantly, which contractor is used to carry out that job. Installing a driveway where there has been none before is a very different task to replacing an existing driveway, but both require the services of an experienced, qualified and professional company to get it right first time. Key points to bear in mind when choosing a contractor are as follows: Free Quotations – Any contractor worthy of consideration should come and inspect the potential job without charge, and give a free estimate or quote. This is standard practice, for example, when an asphalt driveway by North Shore Paving is requested.   Insp...

5 Tips for external renovations during cold weather

Snow may have settled around the house, and icicles could be hanging from the guttering, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do some much-needed external renovations. Some improvements may be too urgent to wait until the springtime, but in many cases the cold weather should not be a reason not to go ahead. Nevertheless, there are five important points to consider before embarking on any work. Firm Schedule Winter is the low season for many builders. But do not assume that you will be able to hire the firm of your choice at short notice. The cold months may be the only time when some builders can take a holiday, especially as many of the good ones work 24/7 over the busy months. Try to arrange for the job to be done with as much notice as possible.   Planning Permission Local council ...

Building a Granny Flat? Here is what you need to know before you build one

Thinking about building a Granny Flat? Here's some interesting and insightful information that will certainly help you in building a granny flat that meets all your requirements.

Garage Door Operators Keep Garage Door Operation Safe

A look at the safety aspects of garage doors.

How to Make Sure That Your Remodel Goes Smoothly

There is one universal truth that accompanies every home renovation or remodeling project. Whether you want to make over your bathroom, add a room on to your house or completely remodel everything, the project is going to be stressful. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Creating a Rustic Interior Design with Exposed Brickwork

It is almost common practice to cover up brickwork and this is often achieved by applying a coat of plaster or fitting plasterboard. Take a look at the examples in the video below and you’ll quickly realize that plastering brickwork simply covers up a truly beautiful element that can make any home look warm and inviting.

The Best New Building Products and Tools for Professionals

When it comes to home construction and design, the right products and tools can completely transform the jobs of professionals for the better, making an otherwise daunting task a much simpler one to complete.

Understanding Rebar – Concrete Structure Reinforcement Steel

Rebar is basically an abbreviation. It is used to describe the main ingredient used in concrete that is reinforced and refers to the steel bars embedded in the poured concrete footings, slabs, walls and all other structures that have to be stronger.

A Quick History of the Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation started to appear on the market sometime during the 80s. However, it did actually exist for quite some time before that. The original developer was Otto Bayer, who came up with a formulation in the 40s. Otto Bayer Bayer was an industrial chemist. In 1930 Germany, he first started to work with polyurethane. Some ten years later, David Eynon brought it America. Eynon was the president of Mobay, which was a conglomerate that appeared during the way. His aim was to bring two of the world’s biggest chemical industry giants, being the Bayer Corporation and Monsanto together. Bayer was, as his name suggests, part of the Bayer Corporation. However, he wasn’t actually related to the founding family. Early Applications At first, polyurethane polymers were employed in military a...

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