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Exterior Design for Your Conservatory this Summer

There are many reasons for investing in a conservatory, and as we enter spring and the promise of summer is getting closer, there is even more reason to have that extra room to relax in and enjoy the weather. Whether you wish to use your conservatory as a dining room, an office or just an extra living space, decoration for the exterior of your conservatory is just as important as the interior. In other words, your conservatory gives you the perfect space to bask in the view of your garden as it adds a whole new element to your home. Your conservatory from the outside can have an impact on the overall aesthetics of your property and make a big difference to your garden. There are many choices to make when you have decided to have a conservatory installed, from the brickwork to the colour of...

Using Basement Windows to Solve Basement Problems

Here we look at the issues associated with basement spaces and how a simple basement window can solves many of the problems associated with using the basement area as additional living space.

The Motorized Blind: The Money Saving Machine?

The motorized blind and money-saving are two phrases which you've probably not heard in the same sentence ever before. Most people assume that these devices cost an absolute fortune to install and are generally reserved for the filthy rich.

Easy Way to Fit Bi-Fold Doors

For many of us space in the home is a premium and never more so when it comes to closet space. A standard door when opened does take up a fair amount of space and the solution to this is to fit Bi-Folding doors. Is this a complicated or difficult DIY job? No… Watch the B&Q video which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to fit an internal bi-fold door, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

The Convenience of a Flexible Curtain Track

If you happen to be looking for an alternative to those hard to install curtain tracks that do not allow your creativity to flow then consider using 'flexible curtain tracts'. Here we take a looking at flexible curtain tracks and how they can add a little creativity to any room.

Fitting an Internal Door Frame

Watch this 2 Part video giving you a step-by-step guide that clearly shows you how to fit an internal door frame, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

Quick and Easy Home Renovation Tips

Looking for some quick and easy renovation tips for your home? Take a look at this insightful article and be inspired.

3 Irregular Window Shape Options To Brighten Your Home

Here's 3 Irregular Window Shape options that you can consider to brighten up your home.

Shopping for Windows and Doors: Things to Think About

Windows & Doors - In today's manufacturing process both windows and doors are engineered to exacting standards and using different materials. Here's a few things you should consider when shopping for your doors and windows.

The 10 Types of Door Furniture

Looking for the right type of Door Furniture for your doors? Here the 10 types of door furniture available.

Buyer’s Advice for Purchasing Double Glazing

Buyer’s Advice for Purchasing Double Glazing. Some useful information and considerations you should make when thinking about buying double glazing for your home.

How to Remove a Broken Key in a Lock

Learn how to remove a broken key that's still in the door lock with the advice and tips in this handy diy guide.

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