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The Importance of Furnace Maintenance

It's getting colder but before your turn on your furnace think about furnace maintenance - here are some practical points to consider.

How To Install A Dimmer Switch

Create some ambient lighting the easy by installing a dimmer switch. In this video guide we'll show you how to install a dimmer switch the easy and safe way.

Top Household Repairs to Save You Money

Don't throw money down the drain. Here's some top household repairs that will save you money.

The Benefits of Under Floor Heating

Thinking about a new heating system for your home? Here's the benefits of installing under floor heating in your home.

How to hire the best heating contractor

A heating contractor should comply with the local and state regulations and codes to provide adequate workers’ compensation insurance. While the latter information is difficult to find, the former is relatively easy and should be looked up.

Five Electricals That Will Improve the Look of Your Home

Spruce up the look of your home with electricals. Here's five electricals that will improve the look for your home.

Decorative Lighting 101

Want to create some decorative lighting in your home? Here's a quick 101 Guide on Decorative Lighting for the home.

How Much can You Really Save Using a Programmable Thermostat?

Article exploring the savings on your energy bills by installing a Programmable Thermostat.

Energy saving tips for 2013

Save energy in your home with these Energy Saving Tips for 2013. It's amazing how the little things can help save energy and save you so much money.

Top Tips for Insulating Your Home

Here's some Top Tips for Insulating Your Home - helping you to make your home warmer, reduce energy and save money on the energy bills.

How To Install Plinth Heaters

Learn how to install plinth heaters to keep your kitchen warm with this easy to follow diy heating guide.

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