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How To Handle A Fire Extinguisher Correctly

Here’s How To Handle A Fire Extinguisher Correctly … A fire extinguisher is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment in a home or in a place of work. However, many people do not have the proper safety training which allows them to maintain and use the fire extinguisher properly. It is important to have the correct training on how to store and use Sepmar fire extinguishers. In the event of an emergency, these fire extinguishers could save lives and prevent the property from becoming damaged. This helpful guide will educate people on the correct ways to store, maintain and use a fire extinguisher. Read in order to find out more.   Types of Fire Extinguisher Before using a fire extinguisher it is important to know what type is appropriate. For example, some fire e...

How Smart Home Gadgets Can Leave You Vulnerable

As smart devices—internet-connected gadgets that can control everything from your window blinds to your printer—have exploded onto the market, the potential for a smarter, more efficient, more customized, and more connected home has never been greater. Having a smart home may seem like it comes with very few drawbacks, but these devices may not be as secure as you think. Most people are aware of the security problems inherent in a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. But they may not be aware of the similar vulnerabilities present in smart TVs, thermostats, baby monitors, and a whole host of other smart devices. With the increase in these devices’ capabilities has come an increase in potential security weaknesses, but unlike computers, these devices normally have very few, if any, security p...

Having quality CCTV installed in your home

Nothing is more important than home security and if you want to improve the security at your home, then you will need to get some professional help from a security specialist. You can find a company that offers a wide range of security equipment that can be used on your home from CCTV cameras through to burglar alarms. It is always important to feel safe in your own home, whether you are inside your home or you want to go away for a while. You can look online for a company that specialises in good quality CCTV in Perth, London, New York or any other big city in the world by doing an online search and you will need to do some background research on the company to ensure that they have a good reputation in the sector.   CCTV Installation It is important to ensure that you invest in a go...

The Key to Home Security

Locks and keys have been a part of peoples’ daily routines for thousands of years, since the days of coarse chains and iron locks. Yet, as an industry, it has evolved alongside the needs of society, and with the modern technology available today, there are innovative solutions for home security, all with a varying degree of effectiveness.   Modern society The modern home requires more protection in a society where unemployment is high, and money is scarce. Urban life is full of hazards, with house breaking being one of the most common forms of theft, so it makes sense to provide adequate protection against burglars.   Call in the experts For a thorough assessment of a building’s security, the best people to call are locksmiths. If a person lived in Western Australia, and was look...

Where Is The Most Reliable And Secure Storage In Perth?

As companies grow and profits increase, business owners usually find they have a need for a larger workforce. While business growth is rarely considered a negative thing, it does mean businesses will be faced with challenges to make sure their company adapts to the changes. If employee numbers grow exponentially, it often results in the need to relocate to a much larger office space. Perth is a city that has an abundance of businesses, and many of them have seen their humble beginnings turn into worldwide operations, but relocating is inherent with a number of difficulties. For starters, employees may be required to travel further than they used to, and expenditure forecasts will have to be adjusted accordingly to reflect the likely increased price of rent and bills. In addition, a company...

Plus 5 to Tornado Resistance for Your House

There’s nothing worse than just having put the final touches on your perfect housing project when a storm warning blows in. In these days of rising global temperatures and the resulting more extreme weather, many homeowners are understandably concerned about the effect that high winds will have on their property, and no type of storm system is more dreaded than the powerful and unpredictable tornado. Tornados are so dangerous because of their strength and capriciousness, often forming out of clear skies with little to no warning, even in areas not usually prone to them. But what can you do to protect your house against such a foe?   The Roof If your roof goes, your house is done. This is because what tends to happen is that if wind whistles in through the windows (of which more below)...

Sponsored Video: How Safe is Your Shed?

How safe is your shed? It never ceases to surprise us at just how many people neglect the security of their garden shed. Think about this for just one moment; what’s in your garden shed?  The obvious items are your stored patio furnishings during the winter months but it’s almost certain that other items such as gardening tools and a lawn mower are present. Take a few moments to just to make a quick list … take a pen and paper, stand in your garden shed and just jot down what’s inside. Armed with your list it’s time to turn on the computer and visit online and just see what it would cost to replace all the items you have. I strongly suspect you’re going to be a bit shocked at just how much it would cost to replace the contents of your shed i...

How to Best Protect Against Home Invaders

Crime statistics have nearly doubled in every major American city in the last year. Home owning, law abiding citizens fear violent criminal action the most, but the overwhelming majority of professional and would-be thieves prefer to work without violence.

How to Make Your Home Wheelchair Friendly [Infographic]

KD Smart Chair, manufacturer of power wheelchairs, has recently released an infographic that visualizes the important factors for making your home wheelchair accessible.

Garage Door Operators Keep Garage Door Operation Safe

A look at the safety aspects of garage doors.

The True Cost of a ‘Free’ Home Alarm System

Thinking about installing a Home Security Alarm system? If you're looking at the 'Free' versions then this article sheds light on what the free versions often entail; and they are often not free.

Home Security: Reviewing The Situation

Home security ... it's an important issue and here we provide some valuable advise on alarm systems, their types and what you need to consider before purchasing one.

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