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Landscaping your Dream Garden

Designing one’s own garden is something that requires thought and planning, and it is advisable to consult the experts, who have the hands-on experience in creating the ideal garden. In Western Australia, the climate is temperate, and this means the garden can be utilised for much of the year. So, armed with a budget and a few ideas, one needs to talk to a landscape contractor about possible designs.   The experts As any gardener will confirm, one should first consider what is already there. Trees and shrubs, and any land undulation should be taken into consideration. Large trees can sometimes be a blessing, as they provide valuable shade in the summer months. If a large tree has to be removed, stump grinding by Perth Arbor Services, will totally remove the roots, without damaging the...

Low Maintenance Landscape Ideas to Save You Time and Money

Mowing the lawn, watering and other yard care projects can take a large chunk of time out of your weekend. Outdoor projects are costly, especially if you have to purchase the tools to get the job done. The following are low maintenance landscape ideas to help reduce your workload and keep your expenses to a minimum.   Devise a Plan The first step in devising a plan for your yard is to take photos of your outdoor space. Working from the front curb, make your way throughout your entire property. This allows you the chance to identify issues with your yard and areas that may need more work and time. Mark the dimensions to get the most accurate readings. Blooming flower beds, waterfalls and ponds will beautify your yard. But you want to ensure that your plan doesn’t take up a lot of time ...

Discover a Passion for Contemporary Gardens

There’s no questioning our love of gardening and people go to great lengths and expense to create a garden that not only meets their needs but also reflects their personalities. When it comes to contemporary gardens the remains a divide; some feel these types of gardens lack a natural feel which a garden is traditionally meant to be while others feel that a garden should be an extension to the home, provide maximum functionality and ultimately require the bare minimal amount of time in having to maintain it. Most of us lead busy lives and with work taking up most of our time there’s a growing feeling that the garden should be a place of relaxation; not a place where more work is required. It’s unquestionable that the trend over the last 20 years or so to create gardens that require less wo...

Relaxing garden lighting

With LED technology, lighting has a bright future, and for garden areas, this is wonderful news. Low-power solutions that reflect the eco-friendly trend the world is going through, enable one to really enhance an exterior space, creating a unique ambience. Here are some ideas to help turn that quiet corner into a place where everyone wants to be.   Moods Lighting is a major factor is a person’s mood, so for complete relaxation, and the right combination of shade and light can create a warm environment. The clever use of outdoor lights can transform a garden, and with state-of-the-art switching, one can finely tune the lighting to complement the occasion.   Strip lighting Light Emitting Diode, or LED strip lights are both economical and environmentally friendly. They use as much a...

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Planters

There are many plant containers and pots available for our gardens, porches, decks and indoors. They come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes, materials and prices, so understanding which best fits our needs can be complicated. So how do you choose the best one? Often, gardeners will pick based on taste rather than need. However, to keep plants happy and growing healthy, every gardener needs to consider the plant’s needs and the surrounding environment. The location, climate, aesthetic value and cost are all factors that need to be considered. Ultimately, you want to choose the best suited-planter, so let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of different planter types. Terracota Terracotta pots are a standard in many gardens due to their traditional look, warm orange colou...

Green Roofing Is The Way Forward For 2015

Green roofs sprouted up in 2014 with an increase of 30% in the USA alone. If you have a flat roof you should also invest in one, you do not have to have just grass on the top, I have seen people growing flowers and even some types of trees.

When is a Garden Not Just a Garden?

A look beyond a garden merely being a place for flowers but rather for adventure, entertaining and wildlife. We're here to inspire you for your next gardening project.

How to Build a Garden for the Whole Family to Enjoy

It's not always an easy task to build a garden that the whole family can use but if that is what you need to achieve then this article will provide you with some very valuable information.

Create a Wonderful Kids Garden

Are your kids spending too much time in front of the TV and Video games? Here's some neat ideas for getting your kids into gardening and enjoying the garden more.

Create a Little Kerb Appeal with Front Yard Gardening Ideas

Here are a number of neat and simple ideas that can transform your front yard. None of the projects in the video are either expensive or difficult and yet each can really lift the look of your front yard and add that all important kerb appeal.

Getting Artistic with Your Garden

Spruce up your Garden Design... Take a look at some of the artistic features in this article and see how creative some people with their landscaping ideas. If you are looking to add something new to your garden then these photographs should certainly provide some inspiration.

Creating a Water Wise Landscape

In this video you can learn how to create a ‘water wise’ garden so that you’ll have a beautiful garden without the need for constant watering… if you plan carefully you’ll also discover that maintaining your garden can also be kept to a minimum; handy when considering most of us lead such busy lives.

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