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How to Make a Succulent Crown

This is a guest post written by Kylie from grohelps. If you are wondering about how to make your very own succulent crown then the good news is that it is actually a lot easier to do than you would ever imagine. In actual fact, there are just a few simple steps for you to follow that will then allow you to make your own crown and even stand back and admire your work. So, let’s get started with looking at what you need to do.   Step 1: What You Need. If we can begin by looking at the things you are going to need in order to complete this job, but do note that this is not an extensive list by any means. Instead, you only need a few key things to get started and even then it is not going to take an eternity. So, the things that you are going to need are as follows. Some floral wire and i...

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

The leaves are falling and the weather is starting to turn, with the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting colder. That means that winter is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your lawn ready for its long hibernation. If you prepare your lawn properly, you’ll protect the health of the soil and have lush, vibrant grass come spring. Before you throw out your premium grass seed, there are a few things you need to do to get your lawn ready. Here’s what you need to do to prepare your lawn for winter:   Aerate the Soil Over time, your soil can become compacted, which means that it won’t drain as easily. Your lawn will become a slushy mess every time it rains because the soil can’t drain the water, and the water will run across your top soil, taking nutrients with it. T...

Clean up your Yard!

Clean up your Yard! While many homeowners are focused on taking care of the interior of their property, it is very easy to forget about the exterior but it is just as important to ensure that the outside of a home looks as good as the inside, especially if the property is about to go on the market. Many people simply don’t have the spare time to dedicate to maintaining a garden or a yard area and it is often far easier to employ a professional company to do all of the hard work. From cutting and trimming to pruning and felling, there are lots of outdoor jobs that a professional company can handle in a garden or yard and companies like this can be found with a quick online search. Expert tree loppers in Perth or indeed any major city in the entire world can be found on the internet and it i...

Summer Tree Care Tips

The warm summer weather makes us want to eat outside, hang out in our backyards, swim in our pools and soak up the sun. With thoughts of vacations, barbecues and relaxation on the mind, it can be easy to neglect our yard work, specifically our trees. Our surroundings should be aesthetically pleasing if we’re going to spend a lot of time outside. We may love the sunshine and warm weather, but our trees can suffer if they’re not taken care of properly. Maintain the health of your trees this summer with these tips.   Check your tree for infections and diseases. Bugs may disappear in the winter but come spring and summer, they are back in full force. Where you are located and the type of tree you have will determine what types of insects or diseases your tree can obtain. Many ...

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Planters

There are many plant containers and pots available for our gardens, porches, decks and indoors. They come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, shapes, materials and prices, so understanding which best fits our needs can be complicated. So how do you choose the best one? Often, gardeners will pick based on taste rather than need. However, to keep plants happy and growing healthy, every gardener needs to consider the plant’s needs and the surrounding environment. The location, climate, aesthetic value and cost are all factors that need to be considered. Ultimately, you want to choose the best suited-planter, so let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of different planter types. Terracota Terracotta pots are a standard in many gardens due to their traditional look, warm orange colou...

Watering Your Garden the Right Way

To create the perfect garden lawn you need two key ingredients, firstly sunshine and secondly water. Certainly you don't have any control over the amount of sunshine your lawn will get but you can control the amount of water. In this video you'll learn how to water your garden properly so that it does get sufficient water but without over watering.

Building the Perfect Garden Bed

There is nothing quite like a beautiful garden bed with vibrant colours that truly make a garden such a wonderful place to spend time in. In this video below it provides you with 3 really handy steps you need to take before you go about planting; these tips will really help you create a stunning garden bed to be proud of.

Going Green – Interior Planting Ideas

We all know the importance of ‘Going Green’; that is making our homes more energy efficient but this is not about energy efficiency but rather including plants within the home so that you have some wonderful lush greenery as part of your interior design. Here we provide some incredible examples to inspire you.

Create a Vertical Succulent Garden in Frames

This is such a neat idea and it's a mix between container gardening and vertical gardening. Take a look at the video below for this certainly is a creative way to plant succulents in your garden. This project will brighten up any wall or fence that's looking a little drab and it's easy to do... just follow the step-by-step instructions in the video.

Ideas for Planting Succulents

Succulents make for wonderful plant arrangements both in the home and garden. There are multitudes of ways you can plant them in order to create truly stunning displays. In this video it provides a number of suggestions on creating succulent displays; why not given some of them a try?

Growing a Flower Tower

Your flowers can defy gravity and flourish with this easy DIY project. In one afternoon you can create this tower and fill it with your favorite plants and will brighten any home or patio... this truly is a stunning way to grow your flowers.

Growing Up: Making a Lattice Garden

Learn how to create a simple vertical garden with lattice, some hooks and lightweight planters. It's an easy, inexpensive project that can be put together in just a couple hours.

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