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Wonderful Garden Water Features

It’s been said many times that a garden is never truly complete without the element of water for it completes the circle of nature. On that note the circle of nature consists of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water and there are many gardens that purposefully include all four elements so that the garden encompasses the full array of natural elements. Unless you concrete your entire garden it’s safe to say that it will contain the element of ‘Earth’ but what about water? The most common train of thought when it comes to including the element of ‘Water’ into the garden is to build a garden pond.  However, for many this causes a dilemma. Firstly a garden pond can take up a lot of your time in maintenance. Secondly, and this is specifically for those with young children, there is a worry that a garden ...

How to Maintain Your Pond This Summer

Your pond is often the focal point of your garden, it is a stunning water feature that creates a calming and relaxing environment for you to enjoy, as well as being a haven for an array of wildlife to call their home. But, if you do not properly maintain your pond it can easily become an overgrown eyesore, with weeds and murky water that is unhealthy for fish and other wildlife. As a landscaping trend that has remained popular, incorporating a pond into your garden isn’t as simple as pouring some water in a hole and chucking a few fish in; maintaining your pond is as important as cutting your grass. You wouldn’t want your garden to be overcome with weeds, so why let your pond? During the summer months the warmer weather can cause a number of problems to arise, therefore you should be maint...

Building a Garden Pond for Turtles

Designing a pond for turtles is easy when you know tips and tricks from professional turtle pond builders. Tour this unique aquatic turtle habitat and review pond construction design techniques that will improve your understanding of the optimal environment for these fun and friendly reptiles.

Unique Water Fountains

Proving you with an insight into the wonders of modern and contemporary Water Fountain Designs.

Magical Garden Ponds

Adding a pond to your garden is one of the best ways to create a beautiful water feature and they are such magical elements. But there are a few things you should be aware of before you start digging that hole.

How To Get Rid of Duckweed

Learn how to get rid of Duckweed in your garden pond with the practical advice and tips in this handy Garden Weeds Guide.

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