Beautiful Homes

20 Unique but Unusual Home Designs

I doubt most of the homes featured in this video will be appealing to most for they certainly shun any conventional thinking when it comes to home architectural design.

J2 – The Ultimate in Contemporary Home Design

Take a look at the video of J2; a truly remarkable home where the attention to detail goes beyond the creation of regular homes. This will certainly give you lots of inspirational ideas.

An Ultra-Contemporary Home That Will Leave Your Breathless

There’s a growing trend online in that those seeking inspiration for exterior and interior design are turning to realtor videos. Yes it’s still over looked by many but take a look at the video below and you’ll understand why such video offer a wealth of design ideas.

Log Home Extravaganza

Experience the warmth of timber with this wonderful collection of beautiful log homes.

Making of a Tropical Villa

The rules of building a tropical villa has to include its ability to blend beautifully with its natural surroundings and create a home where nature actually becomes an integral part of the interior. Take a look at this video for true inspiration.

Stunning Wilderness Home

Fancy living in the wilderness among some of natures truly stunning scenes? Now most people would instantly think of Grizzly Adams, living in a small log home where survival is a constant challenge... think again.

Stunning Grain Barn Conversion

Barn conversions, especially in the UK, is big business. There used to be a time when you could pick up an old barn for almost nothing and yet today the value of old barns has sky-rocketed.

Accent Wall Mirrors Can Add a Touch of Class to Your Home

We are all always looking for ways to improve the overall look and feel of our homes. We hang paintings, color our walls, install different types of floors, hang interesting light fixtures and more. One thing that we seem to forget about, however, is how much beauty mirrors can add to our home. Most of us do have mirrors, for instance in the bathroom and perhaps in the hallway, but we don’t really think about what those can add to our homes in terms of beauty. Take, for instance, accent wall mirrors. They really add a touch of beauty, class, sophistication and elegance to any room in which you hang them. Indeed, mirrors can create a type of endless beauty. They should be an essential part of any home at all and because they can be use so creatively, there should be nothing stopping you fro...

Luxury Home Interiors: Ditch the Style Rules and Be Inspired

When it comes to interior design in your home, you want to be a leader, not a follower. It is imperative that you seek luxury designs to ensure that your house doesn’t succumb to passing fads and trends.

Curtains, Blinds or Both?

Once it was curtains all the way, but it would be fair to say that the typical window opening has changed substantially over the years. Consumers are being met with an abundance of choices and there are a whole host of factors to consider when making the decision to opt for curtains, blinds or maybe even a combination.

What to Look For When Buying A Home

Some common, no-nonsense guidelines that every home shopper must consider and while there are no guarantees that a home will not require some repairs, being armed with the knowledge of what to look for can help identify homes that may be a drain on your finances and happiness.

Examples of Beautifully Designed Homes

What makes a home something special? Is it the way it blends into its environment, its layout, or the interior furnishings used to give it a new personality?

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