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Unique and Very Unusual Interior Designs

In this article I want to explore ‘unusual interior designs’. I’m not talking about just a little interior graffiti for example but rather those designer and home owners that have really gone out on a limb to produce an interior that most would consider completely unorthodox and unconventional in the sense that they have gone way over the top.

Contemporary Tropical Home Fulfilling Your Dreams

This contemporary tropical home ticks all the right boxes for me; it’s contemporary, has clean lines, uses modern materials, has an abundance of glass to let the natural light flood in and there is plenty of water… yes the swimming pool is stunning but that ocean is just to die for.

Custom Mediterranean Style Home

Take a walk through this stunning Custom Mediterranean Style Home and be inspired. The home has a true essence of the Mediterranean that makes you feel cool and relaxed even under the hottest sun.

Living on the Beach in Modern Luxury

Ever dreamed of living on a beach in a home that is modern but blends perfectly with the natural environment? Grab a cup of coffee and spend the next couple of minutes and lose yourself in what can only be described as a stunning modern beach home in Hawaii.

Condominium Living at its Best

Step inside this stunning condominium located in Santa Monica and you will quickly realize that some people really do have it all. Here we showcase a truly beautiful condominium home.

10 Unusual Interior Designs

Here I present 10 images of what I feel are unusual designs… unusual because it’s likely there are not that many people who A) would have the vision to create such an interior and or; B) be brave enough to move outside of the ‘commercially accepted’ interior design comfort zone.

20 Fabulous Treehouse Designs

Ever thought about living in a Treehouse? Long gone are the days where Treehouses were build just for the kids; nowadays architects and designers are looking seriously at alternative living spaces and treehouses are proving very popular. Here we showcase 20 wonderful examples.

The Beauty of a Balinese Style Home

For me there’s something magical about a Balinese style home. The architecture is simple, uncomplicated and allows for the internal and external to become almost one with its open plan design that literally brings the garden into the home. In this video below we provide you with 10 stunning examples of interior and exterior Balinese Style home design… these will certain give you lots of ideas that you could incorporate into your home regards of its design.

Mountain Home in Utah is a Feast of Beauty and Tranquility

People often ask what is the idea of featuring such beautiful homes on The answer is simple… if you are looking for inspiration then there is no better source than homes such as this beautiful mountain home in Utah.

Breathtaking Log Home

This award winning log home in Canada is truly magnificent. Beautifully crafted with open living and with an impressive living area of over 4,100 feet. In this wonderful video you get to step inside and explore what this truly breathtaking home has to offer and without doubt will provide you with masses of ideas for your next home improvement project.

Beautiful Glass Staircases

The thought of having a glass staircase installed in the home might unnerve some people; after all glass is considered fragile. However, this is a myth and with today’s increasing advancements in glass technology having a glass staircase, including the rails and treads is a growing trend in modern and contemporary home.

20 Unique but Unusual Home Designs

I doubt most of the homes featured in this video will be appealing to most for they certainly shun any conventional thinking when it comes to home architectural design.

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