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7 Things You Need to Prepare for Summer Holiday Guests

If you are expecting guests this summer, preparing your guest beds beforehand will make it a whole lot easier. Bed-e-Buys checklist of tricks to make your home a welcoming space will help you all to enjoy the visit.   Clean

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How to Freshen Up a Bedroom

Your latest home renovation happened a while ago, so you’ve started to think about certain additions and alterations which might freshen up your bedroom.

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Space Saving Solutions for Children’s Small Bedrooms

One of the most common uses for the smallest room in the house is often for the Child’s Bedroom. Space if often at a premium so it is important to make the most of the limited amount you have.

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Bedroom Design and the Psychology of Colour

Relaxation is the key to a good night’s sleep but does the colour of the bedroom really make a difference? In this article it explores the use of colour that plays on our psychology.

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Five Tips for Creating a Bedroom That Your Little Boy Will Love for Years to Come

If you have boys in your household then think about creating a bedroom that is unique and makes it a place where they feel it is part of their personality. Here we look at a number of ways to create a boys bedroom that your kids will love.

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Update Your Outdated Bedroom

If you’re tired of the outdated look of your bedroom then this video will provide you with plenty of inspiration to give it a complete makeover. A bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be expensive and this video actually concentrates on updating your bedroom on a budget.

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Create a Bright and Fun Kids Bedroom

If you want to know how to put together a kids bedroom then ask your kids. Certainly what they want might not be to your taste or even really fit in with the rest of your homes interior design but your kids bedroom should be treated as a very personal space and one that allows them to reflect their own personality and areas of interest.

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What Are the Different Types of Memory Foam?

While there are many different types of memory foam that exist, there are only three types that are commonly marketed. This includes traditional, gel-infused, and plant-based memory foam. The point of this post is to show you what each of the three types are about and what makes them different.

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From Teen’s Room to Guest Room: How to Turn an Empty Nest into a Welcome Place for Visitors

Turning an old Teen’s room into a wonderful Guest room takes a little time and consideration. Here we give you some handy advice on the transformation.

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Fresh and Fabulous: Charming and Crisp Country Bedroom Ideas

Create a fresh and fabulous crisp country bedroom with our latest bedroom ideas.

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