Kitchen Makeover: 4 Things Your Kitchen Will Need

Kitchen Makeover … The kitchen tends to be the heart and soul of the house. It’s a place where we prepare meals, break bread and have late night chats over snacks. Do you desperately want to spruce up the design and functionality of your kitchen to reflect its use? If you’re seeking to streamline your kitchen without necessarily gutting it and starting over, focus on these four areas for improvement.   A Paint Job Your kitchen is your canvas, and you have a great opportunity to play with color and texture to rejuvenate your cooking space. Think about the mood that you’re trying to curate inside this important room. Do you want a morning wake-up call in the form of a bright, sterile kitchen? Consider shades of gray or white all over. Do you want to stimulate your appetite with wa...

Your 3 Biggest Cabinet Organization Headaches, Solved!

It’s a safe guess that somewhere near the top of everyone’s to-do lists is a note that says “get more organized!” Despite our best intentions and occasional pushes to get organized once and for all, things do have a tendency to fall back out of place, leading us right back to where we were in the beginning. Is there a way out of this? The issue may not be with your particular habits, but rather with the way your storage areas are designed. No two cabinets are created equal, so taking a look at the way yours are set up could provide some insight as to why organization is a continuing problem. Here are the complaints we hear most often, and the best solutions for tackling them.   Headache: I Can’t See Anything in My Cabinets This may be one of the most common complaint...

5 Expert tips for renovating your kitchen

Remodelling the kitchen is an opportunity to improve the living space, and if one is contemplating doing just that, there is much to consider. A new kitchen certainly isn’t a job for the DIY enthusiast, so some expert help should be enlisted from the outset. A reputable kitchen renovator would assist in the design process, and with hands-on experience, can very often suggest alternatives that are cost-efficient and practical.   1. Efficiency rules At least it does in the kitchen, the room where food is prepared and often eaten should be well designed to maximise the use of space. The “working triangle” in a kitchen refers to the relationship between the fridge, the sink, and the cooking range, the three most important locations in any kitchen. A kitchen designer would focus on practic...

The Impact of Kitchen Remodelling on House Value

As a home owner, it is important to continuously be coming up with ways to increase the value of your property and one of the best things that you can do to boost property value is to remodel the kitchen. It is important to set out a budget before you begin and you will need to get in contact with a specialist kitchen company that will be able to work with you throughout the entire process, from the design stages to the installation. A kitchen is often the main focal point in any modern home, which is why fitting a new kitchen can add so much value to it. You will need to ensure that all of your appliances are new from the oven to the fridge and where you choose to put the cupboards and sideboards in relation to your appliances is something that you will need a designer to help you with. C...

5 of the Best Places to Spend Money During a Kitchen Renovation

There’s no doubt that the number one place people focus their attention when it comes to home design is the kitchen. Whenever people are considering the purchase of a new home, the kitchen often becomes the first place they look. Kitchens remain a significant space once buyers have settled in as well since this is often the central gathering place of any house. This is why one of the places people spend the most time and money in terms of completing renovations and investing in a property is the kitchen. It’s a smart strategy, but the question becomes which areas should you splurge on? There are plenty of places in a kitchen renovation where you can save, but according to most professionals in the home design and real estate industries, there are also elements where you should put the extr...

Tips on Choosing Kitchen Design Software

These days, people like to see final outcomes and the full picture before making a decision on a purchase. That may involve a variety of methods such as asking friends for their opinions on the product and reading endless online reviews. This interest in “test driving” and getting a taste before making a purchase has led to the availability of online design tools and visualization apps in several industries such as beauty and home remodelling. Not only can you see how you’d look like with a certain haircut or hair colour, this idea has extended to kitchen remodelling and home renovations too. That means you don’t have to rely on a designer or architect’s sketches of your new kitchen; you can map and design it yourself with kitchen design software.   Start off With Free Online Options ...

Tips on How To Sell Your Home Faster (With Greater ROI) With a Better Kitchen Design

Are you looking to put your house on the market soon? Chances are you’re thinking of adding a few updates to help improve the value first. But where should you invest your time and money? Home decorating shows and magazines might point you here, there, and everywhere, but they rarely consider the specific trends of individual markets. Here in Chicago, people asking to see the kitchen when they first walk into a home. Thus, real estate experts agree, almost unanimously, that buyers and prospective sellers are favoring this space more than any other. Here in the windy city of Chicago the improvements you make to the central hub of your home can make or break your return on investment (ROI). So think not of the amount of money you have to spend, but rather how you can spend the money you have...

How to choose kitchen worktops

There are many different materials available for your kitchen worktops. Popular choices range from wood and granite, to laminate and composite stone. Figuring out how to choose kitchen worktops that suit your home, needs and budget should come down to a few key factors.

5 Ways to Make Good Use of Your Small Kitchen Space

While some kitchens may be spacious and roomy, others are a bit cramped and small. If you’re dealing with the latter, finding unique ways to maximize the space you do have is ideal.

5 Popular Kitchen Styles – Which One Would You Choose for Your Home?

Are you planning a house renovation? Or maybe you are just searching for interesting ideas to spice up your kitchen? Take a look at these 5 popular kitchen styles and then tell us which one you’d love to see in your home.

How to Save Money with the Right Appliances and Design Elements

There are a lot of benefits to clearing out your old kitchen appliances to make way for some fresher, more innovative appliances in your home and here we explore why.

How to make Hidden Kitchen Appliances with linear actuators

Kitchen appliances such as Spice rack can be hidden in your kitchen counter thanks to linear actuators ability to move or hide kitchen appliances in designated positions; find out more.

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