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Stunning Bronze Art by David Goode

Bronze is such a wonderful material and when it's placed in the hands of pure genius, such as David Goode, the results are pieces of artwork that allows you to get lost in the detail and lets your imagination run wild.

Stunning Architecture and Design

When it comes to interior design and architecture, I'm not convinced it gets any better than this stunning home that was featured on Houzz.com.

Worlds Most Beautiful Treehouse

There are Tree Houses then there are Tree Houses that are just stunning. Check out Blue Forest and what they consider a Tree House should be. P.S Don't let your kids see this!

How To Reduce the Cost of Heating Your Swimming Pool

Learn how to reduce the cost of heating your swimming pool with the handy advice and tips in this diy swimming pools guide.

How to Remove an Old Kitchen

Learn how to methodically remove an old kitchen to make way for a new one, with the practical advice, tips and steps in this diy kitchens guide.

How to Install a Wall Oven

Learn how to install a wall oven with the step-by-step instructions in this handy diy kitchens guide.

How To Create More Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Learn how you can create more storage space in your kitchen with the practical advice, tips and tricks in this handy diy kitchens guide.

How to Choose a Wooden Worktop

Get practical advice and tips on choosing the right wooden worktop for your kitchen with this handy diy kitchens guide.

How to Fit a Bathroom

Learn how to fit your own bathroom suite and save on the cost of installation, with this detailed, step-by-step diy guide.

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