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Five Great Uses for Your Spare Room

Five Great Uses for Your Spare Room Image Source:¬† A spare room is a fabulous bonus and can be used for any number of things, but this is precisely where the problems begin: what exactly should you do with it and how exactly do you turn it into something other than a glorified storage cupboard? The following ideas could be just the inspiration you need to transform your spare room into something fantastic, so read on and get planning!   1.Music Room If your little darlings have just embarked on a musical journey of violin, piano, guitar or trumpet (how brave of you!) lessons, turning the spare room into a music room will have numerous benefits for the whole family. Besides preventing the main living areas from being invad...

How to Turn Your Man Cave Into a Watering Hole

Turn your man cave into a really great looking watering hole. This is one way to create a guys place in your home.

Simple Guide to Setting Up a Home Gym

Thinking about setting up a home gym? There are several elements you need to consider. These can include safety, equipment, entertainment, and much more.

Blue Interiors

Exploring the use of Blue in your interior design and how it can make a room look, cool, but not cold, stylish and relaxing.

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