Home Finances

Top tips on how to improve your property value with minimal cost

These are some simple tips to consider when doing small projects or renovations, without having to overspend in order to increase property value.

Stage Your Home to Sell Cost Effectively

Learn how to stage your home to sell without breaking the back with this great infographic.

Understanding your Rental Agreement

Thinking about renting an apartment? Here's some handy advice before you sign on the dotted line.

10 Questions to Ask when Applying for a Home Loan

Thinking about applying for a Home Loan? Here are 10 questions you should ask any home loan provider before signing the paperwork.

How a Good Credit Score is Vital When Applying a Home Improvement Loan

Carrying out improvements to your home can be a significant investment, and many homeowners choose to finance this with some kind of loan. Whether it is an unsecured personal loan, or a mortgage-type product, the credit score of all applicants will be key to getting accepted for this form of credit.

Finding Cheap Flats For Rent

The property industry is becoming only more expensive by the minutes passing and 2 bedroom flats for rent aren't available for a lot of people these days. The expensive and popular capitals of the world are bad affected.

Helping Homeowners Cope in Hard Times

Helping Homeowners - Although home ownership can come at significant cost, there are ways to benefit still from being a homeowner.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buildings Insurance

Although one reason why so many don’t take out buildings insurance is the cost, there is some confusion when it comes to what’s covered and what isn’t. So here is a beginner’s guide to protecting your home.

Managing Your Credit Cards

Credit Cards - Managing your credit cards is an essential part of your home finance plan if you don't want to let your credit card spending get out of control. Here's some useful information to help you control the spending on your credit cards.

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