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  • Duke_T

    I posted on Houzz:
    [ hometipster - loose the 'share' popup overlay - on top of the article. A horiz bar @ the bottom will suffice / or a vertical bar on the edge - On top of the article - bad design - didn't even bother trying to read your linked article bec of it]

    Please note that I said ” On Top of article” – not “at the top” — but I recommended that you either have the floater on the side, or at the bottom (bottom is better than top IMO) but it should NOT overlay your content IMO.

    Pop-up or floater – difference is in semantics – anything that overlays page content

    You’ve got a Follow Us @ top right “framed in” and is not a floater and you devote/utilize a significant portion of your page (right side) to adverts/navigation, so you might want to rethink that – such as put the floater on that side – or even better, like a framed task bar — at the bottom – so that the article is NEVER floater over by anything. The article then scrolls without affecting the :social media / sharing links — on the border (again I recommend the bottom). After all, are we not reading downward – as we scroll down the page? So if one’s eyes are going down – why not put what you apparently feel is ultra important – the floater – content right at the bottom?

    Might want to check out cascading style sheet design (CSS) – esp ones that automatically re-dimension themselves according to the size of screen/monitor of user.

    BTW I use Firefox, and because I use a large wide screen (36″) monitor with high res, I often zoom-in / increase text due to usually small font used by many sites (seems most are designing only for small mobile phones/pads/and such these days).

    That probably messes up your floater and places it right on top of your article. As it is not time limited (another possibility that would not require page redesign) – and it floats “on top” of article – even as one would scroll down reading article – that renders it difficult to read.

    It is very easy to lose a visitor quickly – a floater will do that

    I’d send you a screen shot – but you do not have that capability in this email contact format – and this email/contact_us format doesn’t work so good either

    [Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.] x10

    • hometipster

      Hi Duke_T

      I left a thank you message on for everyone who provided information.

      HT uses WordPress as a back-end system, so its all plugins that run the site, such as the comment form. I’ll get some testing done on that and see where the problem is.

      Share… I totally reconfigured this and the share buttons now just sit within the article at the top. I’ve tested this on IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc and all appears to be working well and no longer overlays any of the text.

      Can’t thank you enough for the excellent feedback and I’ll work through your suggestions. Obviously the easier and better it is the more people will use it and it’s feedback like yours that really helps, so thanks again.

      I will say I am not a techie or developer and it’s just me here which is why I opted for a WordPress system using a purchased theme, but I will always try my best to address and sort issues as people report them.

      Thanks again