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Cost Savings of a Smart Thermostat

Get a Smart Thermostat and save money! Are you thinking of upgrading to a new AC system? Perhaps you are now wondering which of the many system types to choose from?

This might be a good time to recall those articles that discussed how a thermostat could cut down on heating costs. While you are mulling that over, how about also considering the extra savings that a smart thermostat could bring?

This gadget is relatively new to the market. But with market growth at 123 percent in one year alone, installing a smart thermostat might be a wise move.

A smart thermostat refers to an HVAC system that can be programmed to follow your consumption habits.

Programming can be done via an app on your phone, a web app, and or a thermostat panel. According to a white paper published by, the smart thermostat that started it all, users can expect a 10 to 12 percent cut on their heating bill.

Plus, a 15 percent cut on their cooling bill by using a smart thermostat system. This paper was based on three separate studies from both internal and independent researchers.

These researchers measured utility bills before and after smart thermostat installation.

So how does programming your thermostat help you save money? Here are some insights into this new household gadget.


A smart thermostat can learn your habits.

For those who have the AC switched off while out to work, coming home to a hot house is no one’s idea of a good way to end the day.

Smart thermostats allow you to program your settings so that it turns on and cools down the house an hour before your arrival. And if you forgot to turn the setting down after leaving the house for work? With a smart thermostat, these and other daily actions can be adjusted for you and the settings can be programmed accordingly.

Certain thermostats within the smart thermostat family can learn from your previous usage points. Which means that all it takes for programming to be complete is for you to use your HVAC as you normally would, turning it up, down, or off. And then the smart thermostat will create a programmed schedule based off only a few days of observing your usage habits.


Helps with forming cost-cutting habits.

Ever crank up your AC unit to help cool the house down? But then forget to readjust the settings afterwards?

This kind of behavior likely means you are losing money on your AC bill that you do not need to be losing.

Most smart thermostats will show you where your electricity bill is at, which promotes a more energy-conscious way of using your HVAC. These web and smartphone apps provide a window into your HVAC use.

Having an idea of your usage can help you to see where lowering a temperature setting by a few degrees could mean money saved. Smart thermostat systems also often have a money saving setting, which will adjust the HVAC settings to be cost-efficient.

The end result is that you have accrued a whole new set of habits based around saving energy and being kinder to our environment. All good things.
Just the thing for forgetful types.
If you identify with being more on the forgetful side of the scale, then having a system that can help to shore up your more forgetful areas makes sense.

No more heaters running all day, or forgetting to turn down the AC after the house has cooled. And we are all guilty of letting heaters and air conditioners run through the night.

Smart thermostats are perfect for people who want to use their head space for things other than remembering to turn thermostats on or off. Being able to set up your smart thermostat once in a cost-efficient way.

And then not having to worry or tinker with it again is one of the smart thermostat’s many allures.

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