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Discover a Passion for Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary Gardens - Image 1There’s no questioning our love of gardening and people go to great lengths and expense to create a garden that not only meets their needs but also reflects their personalities.

When it comes to contemporary gardens the remains a divide; some feel these types of gardens lack a natural feel which a garden is traditionally meant to be while others feel that a garden should be an extension to the home, provide maximum functionality and ultimately require the bare minimal amount of time in having to maintain it.

Most of us lead busy lives and with work taking up most of our time there’s a growing feeling that the garden should be a place of relaxation; not a place where more work is required.

It’s unquestionable that the trend over the last 20 years or so to create gardens that require less work and allow for more pleasure has been at the forefront of garden design and it appears the trend continues to garner more enthusiasts with each passing season.

contemporary gardens design ideas

Whatever type of garden you create it is, and should be, an expression of yourself and you’re needs.

For me I like contemporary modern homes and the same for the garden.  I often think people can’t separate ‘minimal’ from ‘clinical’ which the latter is often referred to when it comes to anything contemporary but that attitude has changed.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 9

More and more people are beginning to release that a home and its garden can become one through contemporary design while still creating a huge amount of character.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 8

Personally I don’t like clutter; I like to walk into a space and not be visually assaulted. I like warm earthen colours with furnishing to match in order to create a continuity. The end result, as I see it, is a continuity and a space, both inside and out, which allows me to relax; there is nothing more stressful that having to deal with rooms or a garden that requires or demands my attention.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 7

Going back to the issue of maintenance and the time and effort it takes to create and keep a beautiful garden, you can see that some contemporary gardens do in fact take a look of work to maintain their uniformed appearance; the example above for instance would require a good deal of time and effort in order to maintain its beautiful symmetrical appearance but that time and effort would be worth it in my opinion.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 6

Any time you consider using a water feature will mean extra time cleaning but a garden and especially a contemporary garden wouldn’t look complete without some type of water feature as its natural element blends so perfectly with plants and man-made materials and structures.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 5

If you really want a contemporary garden that requires the bare minimal of effort to maintain the above example might just suit your needs. There is of course grass to cut and plants to care for but overall this is one garden that wouldn’t take much effort and is perfect for those who lead very busy lives.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 4

Creating contemporary gardens is not that difficult in terms of design and the internet provides a plethora of ideas if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional landscaper. The key element here is to think about how much time you have available to take care of your garden and how much time you want to spend in it. Consider also the practical side of things such as outside dining.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 3

Practically is the key … do you have children or pets?  I really like the example above but I know it wouldn’t be overly practical for many. Having a ‘Fire’ feature does create a hazard if you have children and while the example above is stunning it’s not exactly a ‘family-friendly’ environment.

Contemporary Gardens - Image 2

Ultimately a garden should be about what is practical for you and your family in terms of both design and usability.  The trend of contemporary gardens continues to grow and for many reasons. You may not like all or any of the designs above but a quick search on any search engine will provide you with a vast array of garden designs and I’m sure you’ll find something that intrigues you and sparks your creative imagination.


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