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Essential Home Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

A house never feels as much like a home as when it has a pet in it, and there’s no doubt that pets can give their owners enormous pleasure. They also, however, mean a lot of extra housework, which effectively calls for a management plan beginning with anticipating just where the problems are likely to lie.

Shedding fur

All furry pets, especially if they have long fur, cause problems by shedding. This is often more pronounced when they molt. Allergic reactions to dander released in this process can be a problem for many people and shed fur can be very unsightly. One way to reduce this problem is to groom pets regularly using a stiff brush. They should also be trained to stay off valued furniture. If an animal persistently misbehaves in this way, one solution may be to give it its own stool or chair and simply discourage it from climbing on other furniture. This can satisfy the instinct that many animals have to be up high with a good view of their surroundings.

Toilet issues

Most animals instinctively understand the importance of having a separate toilet area, because in the wild toilet smells can attract predators. They may also use such smells to mark the boundaries of their territory, however, so it can be easier to get them to use litter trays positioned near outer doors. Tucking these underneath furniture makes them more discreet and may actually make pets happier about using them.

Dogs, of course, should only be defecating when outdoors. If they do so in the house, it’s usually because they’re under a lot of stress. This means that shouting at them or otherwise punishing them can be counterproductive. Although they need to be told what they have done wrong, the problem can often be solved by providing extra reassurance, especially when leaving them alone in the house and by making sure they have plenty of distractions when stressed.

Chewing, scratching and burrowing

Pets often cause damage by chewing or scratching furniture. This can be addressed through training, but it’s much more likely to be stopped successfully if animals are given alternative means of exercising these natural instincts. Scratching posts can help significantly, as can chew toys. For burrowing animals such as rabbits it’s often worth providing a sandbox or a box full of scraps of paper. Items like this should be kept in one area to make a clear distinction between what is acceptable and what is not.

Fleas and ticks

Pets that go outdoors can bring unwanted guests home with them. The best solution to this problem is regular grooming and veterinary check-ups. Their bedding should also be checked and washed twice a week.

Pet safe products

When cleaning a house where there are pets it’s important to avoid using products that could cause them harm. When thinking about dealing with soiled flooring there are pet friendly services such as Green Carpet Cleaning Ottawa that residents and those of most other cities across the country can take advantage of.

A good routine and an understanding of a pet’s own needs mean it really is possible to enjoy the company of animals without compromising a clean and attractive home.

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