Exterior House Designs And Landscaping

Exterior House Designs And LandscapingEXTERIOR HOUSE DESIGNS AND LANDSCAPING – Home designers work hard with a focus on combining artistic and logical designs, both on the inside and outside of the house to please the eye. This is accomplished by paying great attention to all details. Materials used in the exterior should blend with outdoor details along with the landscaping. So, pretty much all the details should flow in harmony. These together will help the designer to create an integrated home.

Choice of Materials for the Exterior

A common material that is used is aluminum sliding which has its own advantages. It is cheap and can be easily cleaned. There are many colors available, the sliding can be cut into any desired shape or size and is energy efficient. Brick is another popular material that is used for home exteriors. The advantages of using bricks are that they render a polished look to any residence, they are long-lasting, and they need minimum maintenance. Bricks are available in many colors and shades.

A stone facade is yet another common choice that people make for the exterior walls. That stones are durable and available in many colors and shades are some of its advantages. They add a touch of sophistication for the house. However, they are more expensive compared to other materials that are used for the exteriors. When deciding on the house exterior, the best thing is to consult with professionals and make sure they make house plans and designs for you to choose from. This way you will go for the option that best suits your needs.

Landscaping Choices

Landscaping refers to the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the outdoor spaces like gardens or backyards. Landscaping is done by including living elements such as flowers and trees or concrete decks or fountains. Appropriate landscaping helps in improving the overall appearance of the home. Landscaping starts with deciding on the type of materials that you want to use. Landscape planning works best when it complements the climate of the place where the home is located.

In case the climate is dry, a rock garden in the front would be a great landscaping choice. Plants that require little water, such as cacti, would be most suitable. In case your house is located where there is plenty of rainfall, the best choice would be to use annual flowering plants, perennial plants and small bushes for landscaping. In case you want more privacy, it is a good idea to grow climbing vines and bigger trees in the backyard.

Separate Outdoor Spaces

Creation of outdoor space for the purpose of enjoyment is a great way to design the exterior of a house. A good design helps to integrate both the indoors and the outdoors. A porch in the front of the house is one of the best ways to beat the heat and also mix with the neighbors. It can be made more attractive by adding comfortable seating and intricate or carved moldings too.

Adding more room at the back of the house can provide for a good transitional space into the outdoors. One great idea is to add a deck that is easily reachable from the kitchen. Another one would be to locate a gazebo in a picturesque area of the property so that it improves the looks and also provides a great picnic spot.