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Five Great Uses for Your Spare Room

Five Great Uses for Your Spare Room

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A spare room is a fabulous bonus and can be used for any number of things, but this is precisely where the problems begin: what exactly should you do with it and how exactly do you turn it into something other than a glorified storage cupboard? The following ideas could be just the inspiration you need to transform your spare room into something fantastic, so read on and get planning!


1.Music Room

If your little darlings have just embarked on a musical journey of violin, piano, guitar or trumpet (how brave of you!) lessons, turning the spare room into a music room will have numerous benefits for the whole family. Besides preventing the main living areas from being invaded by a cacophony of noise, a dedicated music room is the perfect space for concentration and practise. By setting up a music stand, music related art work and a relaxation area with kid-friendly cushions or beanbags, you can make this an inviting area in which your children can rehearse without interruption.


2. A Home Office

Admit it, your kitchen table is strewn with papers, bills and other admin and it is driving you crackers! Simply by adding a desk, a comfortable office chair and a few other key pieces to your spare room, it can be transformed into the space you require to work from home or to get on with domestic administration tasks. Put up a few shelves or purchase a filing cabinet for documents and stationery and invest in a suitable table lamp to reduce the occurrence of eye strain if you work long hours. If you are stuck for inspiration when it comes to office décor, take a look at the wealth of discount home office furniture and pick up a really good bargain.


3. Guest Bedroom

You’ve probably already arrived at the idea that the spare room would make an excellent guest bedroom and with a simple guest bed you are able to offer friends and relatives a place to stay, rather than having to point them in the direction of the nearest hotel. However, you may not know which bed is best for the space you have. First of all, it is important to select the perfect bed for the room and we suggest that if your spare room is of a generous size, purchase the biggest bed you can afford. Bedstar is a great place to start as it not only offers guest beds and mattresses in various styles and sizes, but also provides guest beds with storage, which is essential if the room is too small to accommodate any extra furniture. If you choose a bed without any storage, ensure there is at least a clothes rail or set of drawers so your guests will be able to unpack and feel at home.


4. A Play Room

Should you be fortunate enough to have a spare room downstairs, this could be the perfect opportunity to create a separate playroom for the kids. There’s scope to make it enjoyable for all age groups by furnishing it with play-mats, toy storage units or toy tubs filled with their favourite games and toys, and you could even install a TV and games console for older children. A playroom is the ideal use for a room that adjoins the main living area as you can easily keep an eye on the kids while maintaining a separate and tidier grown-up area.


5. Crafting/Hobby Room

Now is the time to turn your spare room into a space where you are free to enjoy your hobbies. If you love creating your own home furnishings, make this the place you can install a sewing machine and put drawers filled with materials, threads and patch work pieces. Decorate the walls with samples from markets, magazines and charity shops and relish the chance to create in peace. Perhaps you are more of a crafter, card maker or scrap book enthusiast – whatever your hobby, this room can become your sanctuary, a place where all your materials are easily accessible to you and only you, as long as you remember to put a lock on the door that is….


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