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Franc Grom the Eggshell Artist

FRANC GROM THE EGGSHELL ARTIST – A home without some type of art is not much of a home.  Now you might think this a bit strange, but I can guarantee you that almost every home has some art – whether it’s a picture hanging on the wall, a wonderful tapestry or a few ornaments or other collectibles.

Art is a very loose term and it simply refers to an individual’s creativity.  If you’ve ever painted a wall, well that’s a form of artwork – what you are doing is essentially adding your own personal touch to your living space and being artistic in the process.

There are some types of art that require less attention to detail than others.  Some art forms take a long time to create and some take incredible patience in order to produce and in regards to one Franc Grom, a 72 year-old from Slovakia, his art work not only requires a huge amount of patience but a real eye for detail.

Franc’s passion is turning eggshells in to works of art – almost the same as Faberge but without the precious metals or stones, but instead working with just an eggshell and one tool – a pin that’s attached to a drill.


Truly amazing detail as these eggshell works of art, by Franc Grom, are lit by subtle lighting.


From the examples in the photograph above one can truly appreciate the patience and dedication in creating such fine works of art.  Lite up the designs and patterns come to life and the full detail of each eggshell sculpture can be fully appreciated.


Franc Grom, applying the finishing touches to one of his Eggshell creations.


Putting things into perspective here’s Franc looking over one of his creations and applying the finishing touches.

So what does it take to create these miniature works of art? According to Franc the average eggshell that he works on consists, once completed of around 3,000 holes – sometimes a few more if the piece requires more detail.  Each eggshell can take several months to complete and after 18 years of perfecting his art, Franc certainly knows how to wield a drill with a pin inserted.


Franc Grom - Eggshell artist. Each eggshell can consist of 3,000 or more tiny holes to produce a stunning work of art.

If you really love the intricate, then Franc’s Eggshells are really going to appeal. With subtle lighting these works of art would fit well into any home and add a touch of the unusual to your living spaces.


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  • vineyardflute

    This is an incredible art, taking so much talent and itme!! What type of eggs are used? I have heard of both duck and ostrich eggs being favored for this type of styling. The pictures were beautiful and yet I am sure they don’t truly relay the magnificence of this medium. Wonderful article. Dee

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