Gardening Tips to Grow and Maintain Rose Bushes

GARDENING TIPS TO GROW AND MAINTAIN ROSE BUSHES – Rose, the queen of flowers fascinates people, and people who love gardening wish to grow roses in their gardens and lawns. However, everybody has the same question in mind before growing this flower. It is, whether it is simple or difficult to grow roses. The answer to this question is- yes, it is simple to grow most of the varieties of rose bushes. Some other varieties of rose plant, which need care and precision, can also be grown with the required amount of knowledge and training. The well-known formula that lets most of the landscape plants live is sun + water + drainage + rich soil. The same formula is applicable for sustaining rose plants also, in your garden or nursery.

Rose plants range from miniature shrubs to sprawling climbers. You need to follow the basic success formula to grow roses with a little addition and alteration as and when required. For instance, you must have heard that rose plants need six hours of sun every day. However, you may not know about the best time to do so. It is always good to opt for six hours in morning rather than six hours in the afternoon.

Two reasons are there behind this theory. Firstly, the fact is that rose foliage needs to be dry. Thus, the quicker the dampness is burned off from the foliage accumulated during the night; the plant is less likely to get affected of diseases. Secondly, during afternoon, the sun is very hot and roses remain better in afternoon shade. Several other tips are there that would help you grow and keep your rose bushes in the perfect shape.

Insects are a major problem. In order to deal with this issue, you ought to opt for companion planting with garlic. Another tip is there that needs to be followed once in a week. It is a very simple task. You need to add some dishwashing soap to water and apply the same to your rose bushes. You are making this insecticidal soap yourself. You can also buy a proper insecticidal soap from the market itself. The soil pH range is also important for growing rose. The best type of soil to grow rose is the one whose pH ranges from 6.5 to 6.8. Rose plants need fertilization as well, by feeding with rose food on a monthly basis.

It is always easier to grow rose plants in plain lands with moderate climatic condition. However, it does not mean you cannot grow roses in hilly areas where the climate is generally cold. The main problem is that in cold climatic condition, roses are susceptible to mulch. In order to avoid this problem, one must follow the winterizing method called the Minnesota Tip. You must have heard that roses need a lot of water. However, it is important to know the quantity that sums up in ‘a lot’, because too much water can harm the plant by rotting it badly. Experts’ advice is that it is always better to water rose bushes twice in a week thoroughly, rather than watering four times in a week in less and shallower quantity.

You are always going to grow beautiful roses if you follow the above tips. Along with following the growing tips, you ought to take care of pruning rose bushes. It can get trickier to get the job done. However, if you follow experts’ tips, you would surely be able to do it at ease in the same fashion you can grow rose plants now.