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How Long Can You Last without Power or Water in the Home?

HOW TO LONG CAN YOU LAST WITHOUT POWER OR WATER IN THE HOME? – It doesn’t matter where you go around the internet there are simply tons of resources that show you how you can reduce your carbon footprint and be more responsible on the products you buy for the home, which are either produced from recycled materials or from sustainable resources.

Take a look around Hometipster and you will soon discover a plethora of guides and articles that will show you all manner of ways to become more eco-friendly, from choosing energy efficient light bulbs to finding out ways to save water in your home.

I sometimes, when talking to people who leave comments, feel that they are a little tired of the whole eco-friendly approach and this is often due to the fact that the things we can do only results in small changes.  What many people fail to see is the bigger picture – that is by combining all the small things these make a huge, and I can’t emphasis HUGE enough, difference and not only to the environment but also to the massive savings each and everyone of us could make on a monthly basis.


Can You Live Without It Test

OK, here I want you to act as my personal Guinea Pig.  Here’s the scenario… How many times have we been told that Water and Energy won’t last if we don’t take measures to conserve it?  Yes, that’s right almost anytime you come across an article on Water or Energy this is going to crop up.  The simple truth of the matter is that we are generally complacent about our energy and water use.  How many of us consciously think about whether we really need to turn on the tap or turn on the extra TV   Not many, as we simply take it for granted that it will always be there.

But what would happen if we got to a point where our water and energy resources were so scarce that we were heavily restricted on their use or in the worst case scenario simply didn’t have them.  Here’s the experiment I want you to undertake and then once you’ve finished come back here and leave a comment… I would love to know how you get on.

1.  Go and find your mains power switch and turn off your power.  Yes, that’s right just turn it off.

2.  Go and find your mains water supply and turn off your water supply.  Yes, that’s it, off you go, don’t be shy – turn it off.

Now for the experiment… How long do you think you are going to last without water or power?  Once you find that you simply must turn on either please come back here and let me know how long you lasted without each of the resources.  I would estimate that most of us could not last more than a few hours.  Just think, you can’t pour a nice cold glass of water or take that hot shower.  You can’t relax and watch your favorite tv show simply because you have no power.  Tick Tock… how long will you last?


Why run this experience?  What’s the point?

Good questions… When you turn off your water and power you will quickly realize, within less than 1 hour, just how vital these resources are and once you fully grasp this concept you will  realize the need to conserve our resources if they are to be readily available to us in the future.  Note that this has nothing to do with saving or conserving but more important doing without and how difficult it would be.  I would bet my bottom dollar that most of us wouldn’t last that long without these resources.


The bigger picture

Most of us are familiar with ‘Earth Day’ where we are asked to turn off our power for 1 hour from 8pm to 9pm.  This is a specific time as we know that this particular hour is when our energy needs spike – this is of course due to the whole family being at home and using lighting, stereos, TV’s microwaves and all the other appliances and gadgets we may have.

I actually participated this year and I didn’t notice a drop in the electricity bill I received and I didn’t expect to.  However, I decided that I would, each evening, turn off my power for a period of 1 month and I can tell you the result was quiet a surprise and I did save a fair bit of money.  I quickly found that sitting by candle light and chatting with the family members was actually far more enjoyable and entertaining than watching the TV  so turning off the power actually had a beneficial effect on how we communicated with each other and I can tell you it’s now a vast improvement.

We all need energy and water to survive, that is a fact of life, however there are lots of ways we can control and reduce these resources.  If you have any neat ideas for this then please share by posting your comments or advice below… Don’t forget – let me know how you got on with my little experiment.


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  • Hi Graham,
         I felt like I had an unfair advantage on this test.  Honestly I could live without electric if I had to.  We have been without electricity for up to 3 weeks due to storm damage; add the fact that I live in the country in an area of less than 500 people, we are not priority when power needs restored.  I also did roughback camping when I was younger for a month at a time.
        Water-is a different story.  I would start to die from thirst the moment I heard I couldn’t have any.  I wouldn’t care if there was tea or soda, I would want water! 
         Another eye opener would be asking people if they had to carry their water by the bucket daily, from a local stream how many trips would they need?  I guarantee, they would start showering less and be more careful about their usage as well as wondering about what contaminants might be IN the water.
         I agree we all need to be more responsible and mindful about our daily habits.  We have gotten lazy and careless in how we take care of our own things, because we can always run out and get another or a better model.  In some areas of the world they are truly fighting just to survive.  We have been so lucky and still- how ungrateful can we get? 
         I hope you get alot of responses from this article, it would be neat to read a follow-up on what you heard from other people.
                                              Enjoy your day,  Dee         

    • hometipster

      Hi Dee
      Sorry to hear about your power problems but I guess it comes with the territory living in a remote area. It’s the same here, there is not a week that goes by that we don’t lose power for a day.

      I actually think many people could live without power for a while, but you are certainly right – living without water is simply not practical.

      I really like your take on people having to carry their water in order to obtain in and I wonder how many people would – I guess when you have no choice it would be a different matter, although I’m sure most would complain about it.

      I think you have this scenario spot on… we have become lazy and complacent about our water and electricity supply and things are to readily available in a growing ‘Throw-Away’ society.

      I’m a bit surprised I didn’t get a few more responses here but it’s early days and I agree, it would be nice to see what other people think.

      Have a great day Dee and I hope they sort out your electricity real soon.


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