How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU CLEAN YOUR HOME? – When it comes to cleaning, it really is the case of you need to keep on top of it.  Anything that needs cleaning and gets left will continue to get dirtier and dirtier, this dirt will become progressively more difficult to remove, taking much more effort and elbow grease from you to get rid of it properly, and it may even require you to buy some stronger and specialised cleaning products that could be quite expensive to buy.  To add to this, bacteria can live and breed in dirt, the more dirt you allow in your home the more bacteria you are also allowing o live in your house, thus making your home unclean and unhealthy to live in.

Sadly, it is the case that we do need to clean every day, not everything needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, some cleaning duties can be done weekly, monthly and even yearly, however, there will be some cleaning to do each day. With this in mind it makes perfect sense to make yourself a cleaning rota to remind yourself when you need to do your weekly, monthly and yearly cleans to avoid forgetting about these completely.



Daily Cleaning Duties:

The kitchen: wipe over all surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner to remove all germs and bacteria, and thoroughly clean the sink.  De-clutter as much as possible, put everything you can into cupboards and storage, anything that cannot be stored away consider whether you actually need to keep it.  Wash all dirty dishes and cutlery and allow these to dry before storing them away, washing dishes as soon as you have finished eating which makes them much easier to clean and gives bacteria less time to grow and breed.

The living room: clean the floors daily if you are a busy household with children and/or pets, alternatively you could vacuum the floors 2 or 3 times a week if your home isn’t used excessively. You should also wipe over all surfaces daily or at least 3 times a week, polishing things like the television and any furniture.  De-cluttering is a job that can be done daily, get rid of anything you don’t want or need to keep and store anything else away, if you have some things that cannot be stored you may need to make some extra storage space by getting rid of some things you don’t need.

Bathroom: wipe over all surfaces, including the sink and the bath and clean your toilet. Han all towels up after they have been used to allow them to dry.


Weekly Cleaning Duties:

The Kitchen: clean the inside and outside of your fridge and sort through your food getting rid of anything that is out of date, ideally you should clean your fridge before you have done your weekly shop so there are less things in the fridge for you to have to remove and sort through.   You should also clean your cooker on a weekly basis, this includes cleaning the inside of the oven and all shelving etc. as well as cleaning the hobs, the grill plan, the knobs and any handles that are on your cooker.

The bathroom: clean the floors once or twice a week, clean things like mirrors and taps and replace any towels with some fresh ones.

Change all bed linen on a weekly basis.



Monthly Cleaning Duties:

  Clean the windows throughout the house and wash all curtains on a monthly basis

 Clean all ceiling and light fixtures.

 Clean your cleaning equipment.

 Clean and flip/rotate your mattresses on the beds.


Annual Cleaning Duties:

 Clean all furniture, upholstery and carpets with a suitable shampoo once or twice a year.

 Have a deep clean, pull out furniture and clean behind it, remove all things from shelving etc. and clean them properly.