How To Attach Door Numbers

HOW TO ATTACH DOOR NUMBERS – Placing numbers on your door is not a difficult job and any DIY enthusiast will have the job done in just a few minutes. There are different ways to fix number such as adhesive based or with screws to fit the door numbers into place. In this guide we provide you with easy to follow instructions on how to attach numbers to your door.


 Step 1

Place the door number where you want them to be fixed. You can fit the door numbers anywhere on the door but consider placing them at head height so that they are easy to spot. This makes it easy for the postman and other people looking for your house number to easily spot it.


 Step 2

Take a spirit level and place this on the door horizontally, at the height that you want your door numbers to be. Mark a faint level line which will be your guide for the tops of the door numbers. This will ensure that the numbers are straight.


 Step 3

Take your door numbers and using a pencil, mark where the screw holes are. Note that if you are using door numbers with an adhesive backing, this will not be necessary.


 Step 4

Using the appropriate drill bit, drill the holes you have marked, but you only want to drill a small way into the hole, which is referred to as a pilot hole.


 Step 5

Once you have your pilot holes drilled you can screw the numbers into place using the screws provided.


 Step 6

If you do decide to use door numbers that have an adhesive backing then follow the above procedures but omit the drilling of the screw holes. Peel off the protective backing to expose the adhesive. Line up the numbers with the faint line you made and then place the numbers on the door. Press the numbers firmly to the door to ensure that all the adhesive backing is making contact with the surface of the door.

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