How to Erect a Timber Fence

HOW TO ERECT A TIMBER FENCE - Timber fencing is a great way to create a little privacy between you and your neighbour’s. It also prevents some of your pets, such as a dog from wandering onto next door’s property and doing any damage. Timber fencing comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and this guide provides easy to follow instructions on how to erect a fence.


 Step 1

You will need to decide what sort of fence you would like to erect – Panel, Palisade, Close Board, Post and Rail or even a Chain Link Fence.  There are other varieties you may wish to consider for your garden.


 Step 2

Measure the length and height you want your fence to be.  Note that some local councils may restrict the size and height of your fence.  If you have any doubts consult with your local planning office before constructing your fence.


 Step 3

Take a trip to your local timber yard with the measurements you made. Don’t forget to work out how many posts you will need, one for every 6 to 8 feet will be sufficient.  If you are absolutely sure of your measurements, and you should be, you can ask the timber merchant to cut all of your timbers to size.  This will save you an awful lot of time having to do this yourself by hand.


 Step 4

Allow time to complete the job. This will depend on the length of your fence.  Remember a job worth doing is worth doing well and rushing a job never produces a really good finish.


 Step 5

Try and get one or two friends to help you.  There are a number of instances in this project that is much easier to achieve if you have someone to help you.


 Step 6

Mark a straight line where you want to erect your fence. You can do this by placing two small stakes at either end and running a string line.


 Step 7

Mark out the spot where your posts will go, one for every 6 to 8 feet.


 Step 8

Dig your post holes.  This is best achieved with a post hole digger that can either be purchased or rented.  You can of course use a garden spade if you wish.  In order to create the right stability for your fence you should dig out the holes to a depth of 2 feet.


 Step 9

Concrete in your post holes and leave to dry for 24 hours. Remember to check the level of the post before you concrete the in.


 Step 10

Erect your fence by securing it with screws or nails to the posts and rails.  You can finish the project by nailing feather board timbers or planks to the cross rails.  Work your way across the entire length and stand back and admire your handy work.


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