How to Fit Plasterboard

HOW TO FIT PLASTERBOARD – Fitting plasterboard is actually very easy indeed. Plasterboard is generally secured to stud wall partitions, however if you have a very uneven, internal, masonry wall then fitting plasterboard can transform those walls into nice flat and even walls for you to work with.

In this DIY Guide we’ll show you how to fit plasterboard to a stud partition wall and to an uneven masonry wall. It’s easy and here’s how to do it.

Now that you have watched Part 1 in this series on fitting Plasterboard, watch the other 4 Parts for a complete picture on how to fit plasterboard.

Step 1

Plasterboard generally comes in standard sheets of 8′ x 6′ but it is possible to buy other sizes. Before you buy your plaster board you need to know how big the wall you want to cover is. Take a tape measure and measure the length and height of the wall and then figure out how many sheets of plasterboard you will need.

Step 2

You are going to need to buy some plasterboard tape. This tape covers the joints and allows for a smooth finish that is easier to apply plaster. You will also need plasterboard nails to secure the boards to the stud partition work or batons.

Step 3

CUTTING PLASTERBOAR – Before you start work, it is likely that you will need to cut some pieces of your plasterboard to fit. Using a saw in NOT a good idea as the teeth will rough up the paper edges.

Take your plasterboard and lay it flat. Mark a line where you want to cut. Now take a Stanley or Craft knife and score deeply along that line. Carefully turn the plasterboard over and then snap the piece you have cut back sharply.

The plasterboard will snap cleanly but you will notice that the paper backing is still holding it in place. Fold the plasterboard over and then run your knife in between the fold to cut the paper backing. You should now have a nice clean cut.

Step 4

STUD PARTITION WALLS – Take your first sheet of plasterboard and starting from one end of the wall, place it up against the stud partitioning.

When stud partition are built you will find that the distances between each vertical have allowed for the size of a standard 8′ x 6′ board. Note that there will be two to three vertical studs but where the plasterboard ends, it will sit approximately half way across the width of the vertical timber stud.

This will then allow you to place the next board tight against the first and have sufficient stud work to secure the boards too. If this is not the case then with the plasterboard in place mark a line, on the plasterboard, to approximately half the depth of the stud work. You can now remove the plasterboard and cut it down to size (see Step 6 for Fitting).

Step 5

MASONRY WALLS – The first thing you need to do is fit batons to the wall that run the full height of your wall. The size of the batons can be 2″ x 1″ or even 4″ x 1″. Start by measuring the length of your wall and divide this by two.

This will give you the amount of batons you need, for example if the wall is 18′ long you will need to place a baton every 2′ so therefore you will need a total of 9 batons. Note that you need to fit baton every 2′ to ensure that the plasterboard is well supported once on the wall.

This method also provides the right distance for a standard 8′ x 6′ board to fit half way across the end baton so that the next sheet does the same and butts up against the other board.

Step 6

FITTING PLASTERBOARD – Now that you have all your batons, or the stud work is in place, and you have all your plasterboard pieces cut, you can start fixing it to the stud work or batons. Using screws, start from the top and every 12″ down place a screw. You can now work along the stud work or batons and repeat this process to ensure that each board is secured firmly in place.

Step 7

Once your entire wall is covered with the plasterboard it’s time to finish off the job by countersinking each screw. You can do this easily as plasterboard is soft, simply tighten each screw so that it is flush or slightly below the surface.

The final job is to cover the seams and this can be done with the plasterboard tape. Apply this evenly between the gaps and start from the top of the joint seams and work your way down the entire length of the plasterboard.

Once all the seams are covered you can stand back and admire the job you have done. The plasterboard wall is now ready for plastering.

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  • Jay

    Hi, this has been really helpful but i just have 1 question. Do the batons go onto the wall first and then the plasterboard fitted onto the battons? Thanks

    • hometipster

      Hi Jay

      If you already have a Stud Partition wall the you can fit the plasterboard sheets to the stud work. If you have a brick or masonry wall then you need to fit the batons first.

      Hope that helps.

  • ann

    Hi Jay, do I need to fit 2 plasterboard on batons on a masonry wall, my friend says I do

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