How to Fix a Sagging Door

If you have wooden interior doors then over time they may shrink or expand, also hinges become slightly loose and all these factors can cause the door to sag or stick. In this guide you can learn how to fix a sagging door in your home.

Step 1

A sagging door is generally hard to open because it will scrape or catch on the floor when opening it. The first thing you might want to consider is, have you recently laid a new floor, such as carpeting. It could be that the new flooring is higher that the existing flooring just slightly and this is causing the door to catch.

If this is the case then it’s a good idea to remove the door and shave off a millimeter or two with an electric planer and then re-hang the door. If this is not the case then check the options below for options on fixing a door that is actually sagging.

Step 2

Open the door and check the hinges to make sure that they are firmly fitted to the frame. A classic sign of a loose hinge is that you can see it protruding from the recess it was seated in and now no longer sits flush with the frame.

Check the screws with a screwdriver to make sure the screws are tight.

If they are loose then tightened them, if the screw continuously turns without tightening, remove the screws and hinges. Fill the hole with a piece of wood with glue and or wood filler. Once it’s dry you can replace the hinges and screws.

Step 3

Consider using longer screws in the hinges. Over time, with the opening and closing of the door, this puts strain on the hinges and the screws.

These can move about and as time goes on actually make the holes bigger, resulting in the screws becoming loose and ineffective.

You can fill the holes and start again, as in the advice in Step 2 above. However, you can simply buy longer screws. Don’t be tempted to buy larger screws, regarding the width as they will not fit into the hinge screw holes, but longer screws are fine and can be screwed deeper into the door frame.

Step 4

One common cause for doors to sag is if you have young children who like to swing on the doors. Kids are kids and they like to play but swinging on a door doesn’t do it, or more to the point the hinges, any good. If this is the case try to discourage, gently, your kids for this activity.

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