How To Grow Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a beautiful Alpine flower that are best cultivated in rocky areas. In some areas these Edelweiss is now considered endangered. In the guide below you can learn how to grow Edelweiss and add some real flare to your rock garden.

Edelweiss, for many people, was made popular with the classic musical ‘The Sound of Music’.  Edelweiss is, without doubt a classic alpine flower that is delicate and so beautiful to look at.

If you do have a rock garden then seriously consider adding Edelweiss into the display of other flowers you have planted – you will not be disappointed.

Step 1

If you are going to grow Edelweiss then you must get the conditions just right. Pick a place in your garden that is rocky and where the soil is high in lime.

If you have created a Rock Garden in your garden then growing Edelweiss here is the perfect place.

Step 2

Take 1 Shovel of Lime, 1 Shovels of Cow Manure, 1 Shovel of Peat Moss and 2 Shovels of Sand or Crushed Oyster Shell. Mix these ingredients well and work into the soil where you are planting.

As mentioned Edelweiss must have well drained soil in order to grow and the sand and or crushed oyster shell will help with the drainage.

Step 3

The best time to sow Edelweiss seeds is in early spring. The seeds are tiny and should be sprinkled over the area you have prepared.

Step 4

Take a garden hose and attach a sprinkler head that delivers a mist of water. Anything harder will simply wash the seeds away.  Give the area a light sprinkling of water just so the surface of the soil is moist – but NOT wet.

Keep an eye on the moisture of the soil as the seeds begin to grow.  Again you need to keep it damp / moist but avoid at all costs the ground becoming soggy or bog like.

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