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How to Improve Your Garden on a Low Budget

improving your garden

A garden can be a lovely backyard retreat for those who love nature. Even if you already have a garden, there’s never a bad time to think about making some improvements to it. Below are some ideas on how you can do just that.

Many people think of gardens merely in terms of plants, but the layout of a garden can include many other attractive elements as well. Stone pavers, bricks, pebbles and other types of rock can create an attractive pathway through your garden, especially in areas that are currently occupied by grass or weeds. You can also get bark to lay down, and you may want to include a park bench or statue to add some interest.

Another element that you can add to your garden is a pond. Of course, space is a big issue here, but even if you only have a few feet to spare, you can create a small pond with a few drifting water plants and add some fish later. When you go out to spend time in your garden, the bubbling sounds of the fountain can be very soothing. Additionally, you may attract wildlife connected to the water, particularly frogs and toads.

When it comes to actual plants, one way to give a garden a more robust look is to plant a tree or two. Yes, you will have to take care of the leaves come autumn, but a tree can bring another level of beauty to an outdoor display and can be a nice place to get some shade. Additionally, trees attract birds, which are great fun to watch. Hang a feeder from a branch and see how many feathered friends turn up. Once they come, bird watching can be a relaxing part of your daily routine.Getting a great look for your garden without breaking the bank

What about flower variety? If you just have a couple different types of flowers, think about how you might expand the types of plants you have in your garden. Think about color in particular. When looking at the garden from a distance, do you want to give an impression of uniformity with large chunks of earth with the same-colored flowers on it, or would you rather have a hodge-podge of color?

If it’s the second, you can go crazy with planting wild flowers and let them take off however they happen to. If you’d rather have things more orderly, that takes more planning, but it’s still easy to expand upon your garden in this way. Simply look up plants of that same color that have complementary blooming schedules. You can also go to your local garden center and ask for advice on the subject.

It’s also a fine idea to add a butterfly bush or two. These plants are vibrant and fragrant, so on their own they are well worth inclusion in a garden, but the best part is that butterflies love them, so before long, you will have plenty of these delicate visitors dropping by to admire your blooms. You may even get lucky enough to have a few hummingbirds pay you a visit.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of furniture. Along with an attractive park bench, garden can include such items as wicker chairs and cafe table tops so that you and your family or friends can sit outside and relax together while playing cards or enjoying some tasty refreshments. A garden is for the birds and other wildlife, but it’s also for you, so make sure that you make it as easy for you to enjoy it as possible.

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