How to Install a Garbage Disposal Unit

It really isn’t that difficult to install a garbage disposal unit in your home.  Most manufacturers offer models with efficient grinding capacity and quieter operation along with detailed installation instructions.  So let’s get started…

Step 1

SAFETY FIRST - Turn off your power supply.  Make sure that it is off by plugging in a kitchen appliance, such as a kettle, and turning it on.  If the kettle does not work then you know you have successfully turned off the power.

As an extra safety precaution, get yourself a Post It Note, or other piece of paper, and write a note telling others in your household that you are working with electrics, and stick this on the front of the mains fuse box.

Step 2

After you have selected and purchased your new garbage disposal unit read through the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and operational guidelines carefully and thoroughly.

Step 3

If you already have a garbage disposal unit installed then remove this by unplugging it and turning off the water supply.  It is an excellent idea if you take a photo of your existing garbage disposal unit prior to removal.  This will give you a visual reference when installing your new one.

Place a bowl under the unit to catch any waste water and debris from your old unit.  Identify the discharge tube that leads off of the disposer and disconnect it.

Quick Tip:  If you have a Dishwasher that is connected to your existing garbage disposal unit then drain the Dishwasher first before disconnecting the waste pipes.

Step 4

Locate the mounting collar that holds the top of the garbage disposer to the bottom of the sink – this will look like a large plastic nut. Unscrew and remove the mounting collar with a garbage disposal wrench – check the packaging of your new unit these are generally included with the unit.

Step 5

Sometimes, but not always, the garbage disposal unit may be ‘Hard-Wired’.  If this is the case then lay then located the electrical cover plate and remove it and then disconnect the wires.

If you are installing a unit that is also ‘Hard-Wired’ then mark the wires as you remove them with some electrical tape so that you have an easy reference guide to wire in your new garbage disposal unit.

Step 6

With the old garbage disposal unit fully disconnected you can now install your new one by simply working in reverse.  REMEMBER – Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions fully and carefully.

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