How to Install a Rotary Clothes Line

HOW TO INSTALL A ROTARY CLOTHES LINE – Having somewhere in your garden to hang out your laundry is a great and cheap way to dry your clothes.  If you currently have a Tumble Dryer in your home then installing a rotary clothes line is seriously going to reduce your energy bills.  Think of all the energy you can save as mother nature will dry your clothes for free.

Installing a Rotary Clothes Lines saves space and saves you from having to walk up and down a line as you simply rotate it to where you are. In this guide, we’ll show you just how easy it is to install your own rotary clothes line in your garden, with easy to follow steps to help you get the job done.

Step 1

You need to pick a spot in your garden where the clothes line can rotate freely.  Note that strong sunlight can bleach clothes so picking a spot out of direct sunlight is a good idea.

Step 2

Take a garden spade and mark out a square the width of the shape and then carefully remove that section of turf. Providing you remove the turf in one piece you can replace it later, which will hide the concrete base.

Step 3

Within the contents of the rotary line packaging you should have socket sleeve. This is the section that you will concrete in and then insert the rotary line in. Within the area you removed the turf dig a hole to the depth of the socket sleeve supplied.

Step 4

Some socket sleeves come with a closed end. This prevents any concrete from entering the sleeve when concreting in. If you do not have a sleeve with a closed end, then simply tape up one end to prevent concrete filling the sleeve.

Step 5

Place the socket sleeve in the center of the hole that you made.

Step 6

You will need a bag of post mix – this is much easier than mixing concrete. Simply fill the hole 1/2 way with water, ensuring your socket sleeve stays in place.

Step 7

Open the bag of Post Mix and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. This should be simply a matter of taking an old cup and sprinkling the mix into the hole. Use an old bamboo or other type of stick to mix up the concrete as you go. Once it is at a thick consistency you can leave it to set.

IMPORTANT - do check the socket sleeve as you go, to ensure it is level and upright and you want to leave approximately 1″ of the sleeve poking above the concrete.

Step 8

Post mix dries rapidly so you will have to work fairly quickly.

Step 9

Once the concrete has set, insert the rotary clothes line into the socket sleeve and test that it rotates freely.

Step 10

Take the piece of turf that you cut and and using a knife cut out a hole in the middle large enough for the socket sleeve to go through. Now place this over the socket sleeve and replace the rotary line.

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