How to Install a Water Butt

HOW TO INSTALL A WATER BUTT – One of the best ways to cut down on the amount of water you use in the garden is to install a rain collecting water butt. Collecting rain water is so eco-friendly and you’ll end up saving water and loads of money on your water bills. You can install a water butt in your garden by following the guide below.


 Step 1

Depending on the size of your garden, buy a water butt large enough so that you have sufficient water for your needs. There are various sizes available and you can fit them to any guttering down pipe. If you have more than one down pipe. Then install more water butts. Also, you can buy connector kits that allow you to connect water butts together if you want to collect more rainwater but only have one down pipe. Try to buy a water butt with a stand, so that you can easily get at the tap and fill a watering can. If not you can always use bricks to stand your water butt on. You will see, in the video below, Water Butts and Accessories that you can purchase.


 Step 2

Water butts come with connector kits that consists of a rigid connector hose that is fitted to the down pipe and then inserted into the water butt. You should try to locate the water but no further than 500mm from the down pipe. Any further than this will probably require you to buy an additional length of rigid connector hose.


 Step 3

If your water butt does not come with pre-drilled holes for the feeder pipe then from the top mark down 100mm and mark the point with a pencil.


 Step 4

Attach a ‘Hole Saw’ to your power drill to the size of the connector hose. Don’t forget to wear your eye goggles when drilling.


 Step 5

Place the water butt up against the down pipe and using a spirit level to line up the hole you drilled with the down pipe., mark on the down pipe. the position. REMEMBER – Place your water butt on its stand or bricks to ensure you have the right height.


 Step 6

It’s important at this stage that you read the manufacturers fitting instructions for the water butt you have purchased, as these may vary slightly.


 Step 7

At the pencil mark, on the down pipe., cut through the down pipe. with a hacksaw.


 Step 8

Attach the rubber seal to the top part of the down pipe. you just cut through.


 Step 9

Now fit the converter socket between the two sections of down pipe and ensure that the ‘outlet pipe’ on the converter socket is at the bottom.


 Step 10

Pull the rubber seal over the converter to make this water tight.


 Step 11

Remove the lid on the water butt and thread the connector pipe through the hole that you made and fit this in place with the fixings supplied.


 Step 12

Now connect the other end of the hose to the converter socket on the down pipe.

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