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How To Kill Onion Weed

Onion weed (Allium Triquetrum) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing… it looks real pretty, just like a snowdrop, but unlike a snowdrop it really stinks. If you let onion weed get out of control then those times you want to sit and enjoy your garden will be spoilt with an over powering smell of onion. In this Garden Weeds Guide we explore a number of methods to get rid of onion weed in your garden.

Step 1

You can’t really miss Onion Weed – it has a really pretty while flower, almost like a snowdrop but it stinks of onion and is over powering.

Step 2

Make sure you mow your grass regularly as this will keep onion weed under control. If you mow often enough you can kill onion weed and reduce the chances of it seeding.

Step 3

You can use a hand fork and dig the onion weed bulb out of the ground. Just be aware that if you leave any of the root of bulb behind the onion weed will grow back. Like most weeds, onion weed is quiet resilient.

Step 4

You can use a glyphosate based product, such as Round-Up. Be careful in the way you use Round-Up as it will kill any plant that it comes into contact with. It is best if you apply it using a small paint brush, as this will help you reduce the risk of getting the chemical on other plants.

Step 5

Take a black plastic bin liner and cut this to the size of the weed. Before you cover it water the onion weed well and then place the black plastic over the plant. This works well on hot days and will literally kill the weed by cooking it to death.

Step 6

Try pouring some old engine oil over the onion weed. This coats the plant and seeps in to the ground suffocating the bulb.

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