How To Make a Tyre Plant Pot

HOW TO MAKE A TYRE PLANT POT – Making a plant pot out of old car tyres is a great way to recycle them and due to their flexibility, they are easy to make and will brighten up any garden deck or patio when planted. In this guide we show you how to make a tyre plant pot with easy to follow, step-by-step, instructions.


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Go to your local scrap yard and buy an old tyre with the rim. You can use any size tyre you like, including lorry tyres, but car tyres are more manageable. When complete and full of soil and plants these will be very heavy, and not easy to move about, so very large tyres are not always very practical, unless you never intend to move them once they are in place and planted.


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Ensure that there is no air in the tyre. Open the air valve by pushing a pen or other object into the air valve nipple. You will hear the air rushing out and once that stops you’ll know the tyre is empty and then safe to cut.


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Place the tyre on the ground and cut, using a sharp Stanley knife, a zigzag pattern, from the rim to the edge of the tyre. You need to cut this all the way around the tyre.


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Place the tyre on a stool with the cuts facing upwards. Now push down and continue all the way around until the tyre has been completely turned inside out.


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Place your tyre plant pot on the ground with the flared ends facing up.


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You now have a tyre that is ready for filling up with soil and planting. Before you do this, think about where you want to place it. It is much easier to move the tyre plant pot around when it is empty. Once you are happy with the positioning, take some good quality potting soil and compost and mix these together well. Now fill the tyre plant pot up to the bottom edge of where the tyre flares out. You can now plant your tyre plant pot with your favorite, flowers, herbs or other plants.


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