How to Make Whitewash

HOW TO MAKE WHITEWASH – Making Whitewash is easy relatively inexpensive. To make whitewash properly you’ll need the right ingredients and a couple of days. You can buy all the ingredients from any good DIY store and in this guide we’ll show you how to make whitewash and how to apply it.

Step 1

Whitewash should NOT be used for internal walls. The following mixture is only a guideline and you may need more of each ingredient (or less) depending on the size of the area you want to whitewash.

SAFETY: When mixing whitewash be sure to wear a face mask, gloves and eye protection. The hydrated lime is caustic in nature so you do not want to be breathing it in, getting any in your eyes or on your skin. If you do get any on you then wash off with cold clean water immediately.

Step 2

Start by taking 10lb of hydrated lime and mix this with 6oz of potash aluminium. To this add add 2 quarts of molasses, and 4 gallons of water. Mix the ingredients gradually with one another. Do not simply pour all the ingredients to get at one time. As you are mixing the ingredients, make sure you stir the mixture well.

Step 3

Once you have mixed up the required amount of whitewash you can leave this to settle and then remove any excess water and finally add salt. This will make the ingredients into a very thick liquid. Cover the whitewash and leave overnight.

Step 4

When you are ready to paint the walls you can water down the whitewash to the consistency that you require.

Step 5

When applying the whitewash it is best done with a long pile paint roller or masonry paint brush (one that is suitable as if you were painting a pebbledash wall). You may find the application results a little disappointing at first as when you apply whitewash it doesn’t appear to cover with color very well. Don’t worry, you will find that as the whitewash dries out it does so to a brilliant white.

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