How to Make Your Own Wall Stencils

Stencilling your walls, fabrics or other surfaces is not only great fun, it’s a totally unique way to create a look and style in your home that really suits your individual taste.

Stencilling a wall, for example, is easy enough but when it comes to the stencils themselves some can be pretty costly and might not fit exactly what you want to achieve.

The answer to this small dilemma is an easy one… make your own wall stencils!   So how do you go about making your own and how easy is it to do?   Just follow the steps below and take a look at the great video guide and you’ll have your own unique stencils made in no time.

Step 1

The best paper to use is ‘Contact Paper’ as this incorporates a sticky backing that is easy to adhere temporarily to all manner of surfaces, including walls and fabrics.

Step 2

Place the contact paper on a piece of plywood to start out.  DO NOT peel off the backing of the contact paper but rather stick the contact paper to the plywood using some masking tape across each corner.

Step 3

Now you are ready to create any stencil design you like.  Take a craft knife, remember to be careful as these are really sharp, and cut out the shapes and patterns you want in the contact paper.

Quick Tip It’s always a good idea to take a soft leaded pencil and draw your shapes and patterns first – once you are completely happy you can then cut them out.

Step 4

Remove the contact paper from the plywood work board and peel off the protective backing paper to reveal the sticky surface.

Step 5

Place the contact paper on the surface you want to stencil.  Once you have finished applying the stencil paint you can simply remove the contact paper to reveal the beautiful shapes or patterns that you designed.

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