How to Paint a Chevron Pattern on a Wall

HOW TO PAINT A CHEVRON PATTERN ON A WALL – Fancy adding something that just is a little unique and unusual to your home decor?  There are lots of things you can do, for instance you could rag paint your walls, paint circles or even clouds, but have you ever thought about painting chevrons?

Painting a chevron pattern on your walls will certainly give you a very angle, strong and definite pattern and this can be enhanced or softened depending on the color of paint you use and indeed even the sheen and finish of the paint.

For a chevron pattern to look effective it is vital that you first measure and plot the pattern out on the wall first and then mast off the pattern either using masking tape or decorator’s tape.  Above is an excellent step by step video, along with some really handy tips that will help you to create a chevron pattern that is symmetrical with nice sharp, crisp lines that really define all the characteristics of a chevron pattern.


As I said above this project will not look effective if it is not properly measured out.  I really cannot emphasize this enough, so take your time with the preparation work.  Once you have measured and marked all the dimensions out check these again before applying the masking tape.  Pay close attention to detail when applying the masking tape as any lines that are not straight or lose the dimension will result in the finish paint work looking really uneven which will just spoil the whole effect.

So, once the masking tape is on the wall go around and check that the measurements are correct.  Once you are completely happy you can go ahead and do the painting – I assure you the preparation work is going to be so worthwhile once you finish painting and finally remove the masking tape once the paint has dried.  It will look awesome!

Now take a look at the video above and follow the instructions.

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  • Donna Wozny

    Hi Neat Ideas,
    Excellent video. Painting is one skill I never aquired but I do like the look of the chevron and it seems so simple. Really changes up a room’s look.
    Thanks for the tutorial, Dee